Fourth Gen K-Pop Idols Who Were BTS Stans Before Debut

#2 is a little controversial…

BTS have inspired many individuals across generations, and K-Pop idols are no exception either. Among the newly debuted idols in the industry, there are many artists who were influenced by the group to pursue this career.

Here are the five confirmed BTS ARMYs who have now debuted as idols:

1. IVE Yujin

| @_yujin_an/Instagram

Yujin has been a hardcore ARMY at least since 2016. This video of the now IVE leader waving her ARMY bomb in the crowd as BTS won their first daesang at the Melon Music Awards went viral when she debuted in IZ*ONE in 2018.

2. P1Harmony Keeho


ARMY Twitter was in complete chaos when some users revealed that P1Harmony’s Keeho actually used to own a BTS stan account with the handle @busanwings.

Later, Keeho was caught up in controversies regarding some tweets made from the account and that is when his label FNC Entertainment partially confirmed that he did own a fan account before debuting but he shared it with some other people who presumably made those alleged tweets.

3. TXT Soobin

Though the entirety of TXT are certified BTS fanboys, Soobin has been a die-hard ARMY since the “I Need U” era. That explains why he was so determined to join Big Hit Music that he sent in an audition tape through email!

4. Le Sserafim Yunjin

Much like Keeho, Yunjin was also a Twitter ARMY before she joined Hybe and became an idol in the group LE SSERAFIM. Her account was revealed through a blogging forum recently. The netizen who discovered her old fan account and pictures wrote, “Because of Huh Yunjin’s visuals, her face appeared on FaceBook pages. If you search it up, these [photos] still show up lolllll. [She wrote ‘Kim Taehyung’s FANGIRLS everyone im- ♡.♡ ㅠ.ㅠ“.



On MNET’s survival show ILAND, where the final lineup for ENHYPEN was decided, many participants named BTS as their inspiration, and Jay was one of them. Later, when he debuted as a member of ENHYPEN, he mentioned in an interview that BTS influenced his decision to become an idol. He was mesmerized watching their live performances and wanted to pursue the same path as his role models.

There’s a reason why BTS are known to be the idols of idols!