10+ Funniest ARMY Reactions To BTS “Investing” In Each Other’s Businesses

Maybe they could invest in us so we can get some concert tickets?

BTS‘s ARMY Membership recently revealed their responses to how they would invest in each other’s businesses if given ₩77.7 billion KRW (about $60.5 million USD).

BTS As Investors Reveal Their True Personalities

Their responses were unique to each other but certainly on brand for them. Some had realistic approaches, while others were humorous. Here are 10+ funniest ARMY reactions…

1. Jin stays winning

2. If Jin doesn’t see any potential to make money, he’s not investing.

3. On the other hand, Jin will always give to RM.

4. J-Hope wrote “= (Equal Sign)” for a reason.

5. We are low-key ready to support these businesses.

6. The maknae being the maknae

7. V really said, “Y’all on your own there.” 

8. V’s Pet Hotel be like…

9. Shark Tank: BTS Edition 

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10. BTS as investors summary

11. ARMY as investors summary: We’re taking the money.