BTS As Investors Reveal Their True Personalities

They have very different approaches to investing…

Money always brings out someone’s true personality…


Despite now being successful K-Pop idols, BTS have remained humble and have been nicknamed by ARMYs “broke millionaires” due to their attitude toward money. For example, no matter what the prize is on their variety show Run BTS!, whether it’s a new BT21 item, food, or a coupon, the members will be so excited about it and try their best to win it.

Now, BTS have revealed how they would invest in each other’s businesses if given ₩77.7 billion KRW (about $60.5 million USD). The members had different approaches, revealing their personalities. Let’s take a look…

1. RM

RM proved himself incredibly selfless, as is to be expected of a leader. He gave himself the least amount and distributed the rest differently but thoughtfully.

2. Jin

Jin is very business savvy (he is the CEO of JinHit Entertainment, after all…), but he is the literal definition of a “broke millionaire.” So, he invested little to nothing in a few members if he did not see the business potential. He invested quite a lot in his own business and some in V‘s pet hotel because he’s a softie for pets. But he invested the most in RM’s art museum.

3. Suga

Likewise, Suga distributed his money with lots of thought. So, he gave more money to certain members, knowing that some businesses require more, and he gave fewer if he saw little potential.

4. J-Hope

J-Hope is always the supportive, encouraging friend. So, when he saw the total money, he knew he could divide it evenly among all seven members, and he did exactly that, cheering everyone, including himself, on.

5. Jimin

Like RM, Jimin was selfless when choosing. So, he gave himself the least amount of money and guesstimated the rest based on the kind of business the members wanted.

6. V

On the other hand, V showed humor in the assignment. He invested quite a lot in the first four (his hyungs), but when it came to the maknae line (including himself)… He was not so generous.

7. Jungkook

Jungkook’s approach was like J-Hope’s, but he also wanted to take it easy because math is hard (same). His comments together read, “I don’t like complicated stuff and just want to invest in everyone equally. <3 BTS rules!”

True Personalities

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