10+ Funniest ARMY Reactions To BTS Suga’s Shirtless Photos


BTS‘s Suga left us all shook when he uploaded four shirtless photos of himself to Instagram!

So, here are 10+ of the funniest ARMY reactions to his “scandalous” pics…

1. We weren’t ready.

2. Give us a minute.

3. What a start to the new year.

4. Maybe we want him to slap us in the face…

5. Gone are the days when an exposed forehead was the most skin we saw.

6. We miss you, Jin.

7. We aren’t letting HYYH go.

8. Both look sweet.

9. Masterpiece.

10. These brands need to call him ASAP.

11. Good soup.

12. He’s practically naked.

13. Do we finally know where Suga’s tattoo is?

14. Chapter 2 is our favorite so far.

15. Call and check up on your Suga-biased friends today.

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