BTS’s Suga Shocks ARMYs After Going Shirtless In His Recent Instagram Photos

“Welcome to the new era of Min Yoongi…”

When it comes to BTS‘s Suga, he might be one of the most dangerous idols in K-Pop. Whether it’s his talent, charming personality, or visuals, he is definitely someone who you can never predict.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

For the past few months, Suga has proved why the BTS members creating Instagram accounts was the best thing to happen.

Alongside his more casual photos, the idol has been posting pictures from photoshoots. Each time one is posted, the idol quickly has the hearts of ARMYs racing.

| @agustd/Instagram
| @agustd/Instagram
| @agustd/Instagram

It was the shots posted on January 5 that really broke ARMYs. In the photos that just had an adorable emoji of the monkey covering his eyes (almost as if he’s shy), Suga looked ethereal in a photoshoot with a blue background.

Of course, ARMYs didn’t fail to notice that Suga wasn’t actually wearing a shirt and showcased his broad shoulders that were only slightly covered by small flowers.

| @agustd/Instagram
| @agustd/Instagram

Eagle-eyed netizens even noticed that Suga was showcasing his scar from the time he had shoulder surgery.

The next photos had a similar vibe, yet with an orange background and even less coverage for Suga. The artistic shots showcased Suga’s natural and ethereal visuals that looked like they belonged in an art gallery. Considering Suga’s usually shy and introverted personality, it was definitely a shock to fans.

| @agustd/Instagram
| @agustd/Instagram

Of course, it managed to send the internet into a meltdown. Various phrases like “MIN YOONGI” and “Suga” were trending worldwide. In the tweets, many ARMYs couldn’t get over the range of Suga’s Instagram photos during the past few months.

Of course, the main bulk of ARMYs were just freaking out about the pictures, with many adding that this was the most exposure Suga had shown by basically showing his bare chest.

Others just wanted to know what the meaning of all these recent pictures is, as Suga has been sending the internet into meltdown on numerous occasions with his Instagram pictures.

Other fans are also joking that Suga’s no longer the most conservative member of BTS. Although the members have been shocking fans with “Chapter 2,” many brought back an old clip of Suga where a yellow sweater was seen as “naked” for the idol.

Of course, 2023 is a new year, but Suga seems intent on sending ARMYs into meltdown even more than he did in 2022.

You can read more about Suga’s latest Instagram posts sending the internet into meltdown below.

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