ARMYs Think They Finally Spotted BTS Suga’s Elusive Tattoo In His New Shirtless Photos

Has the mystery been solved?

BTS‘s Suga has shocked ARMYs in more ways than one today with his latest Instagram post.


Suga has been spoiling ARMY lately by uploading photos to Instagram from a photoshoot that some suspect might be spoilers from his upcoming photo-folio.

Still, nothing could have prepared us for his latest Instagram post…

He shared four photos from a photoshoot in which he was shirtless but covered partially by plant life. He looked absolutely ethereal.

These photos had ARMYs behaving like a Victorian man who saw a woman’s ankles for the first time. Many were stunned to see so much of Suga’s skin, considering he is one of the most modest BTS members.

That’s not all, though. Some believe they were finally able to spot his elusive tattoo.

The members had gotten matching “7” friendship tattoos that come together to spell “BTS.” Previously, tattooist Polyc SJ shared photos of most members’ different tattoo locations. Yet, Suga’s has been a mystery.

In August 2022, Suga confirmed that he did get the tattoo (it was his idea, to begin with). Yet, he had not shown it to ARMYs but invited them to guess its location.

I got the tattoo, I got it. I just won’t tell you where it is. Try to find it.

— Suga

A few weeks later, eagle-eyed ARMYs thought they spotted the tattoo on Suga’s foot in a photoshoot, but he denied it.

Now, ARMYs are guessing the location yet again with Suga’s latest Instagram post.

Some are pointing to the back of Suga’s neck. At first, it looks like it might just be strands of hair…

But look again. In a small gap in his hair, it looks a lot like “7.”

Some ARMYs think the mystery of Suga’s tattoo has finally been solved.

Others are not so convinced.

Some even think Suga carefully cropped the photos enough not to reveal its location.

We will never know for certain until Suga confirms or denies it, just as last time.

Read more about Suga’s tattoo below.

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