Here Are BTS’s 20+ Most Hilarious Moments Caught On Camera

#9 is so chaotic.

Try not to laugh as you scroll through these funny and iconic BTS moments that every ARMY needs to see!

1. This unfortunate choice for a video clip used on the news

2. When Jungkook accidentally took out half of BTS with his feather

3. Maknaes vs. Hyungs

4. Betrayal.gif

5. When you try your best and don’t succeed

6. When J-Hope thought the BigHit building was haunted

7. Suga’s unbelievable artistic vision

8. Messing with Jin hyung because it’s just too easy

9. Rap line proving their sports “skills”

10. When the cameraman has no choice but to slowly pan away

11. When RM hit himself with his graduation cap

12. Jimin pretending his bike was a horse and feeding it grass

13. When they became ARMYs for a moment…on the news

14. Tetris, but make it BTS

15. Betrayal2.gif

16. When RM’s life changed in a single moment

17. When Jungkook’s creation was stuck to the plate

18. When you just feel like -__-

19. Jin proving his superior flexibility

20. When Jungkook risked it all for their game


21. When J-Hope did the same

22. The news choosing this moment to represent BTS as 1st place artists on Billboard HOT 100

23. When Jin wouldn’t let Jungkook rest

24. Jin’s consistency

25. When being a BTS member is harder than it seems