Here’s 10+ Of The Funniest MOA Reactions To TXT’s Office Attack Version Of “LO$ER=LO♡ER”

We thought we knew patience until we waited in an elevator for 1 hr.

On September 2, TXT left us all slightly puzzled when they shared a link for the group’s YouTube channel on their social media.

It turned into an hour live stream of CCTV footage from the HYBE building. We got an inside look at the staff going about their daily lives. Nothing too exciting.

Finally, after one hour of waiting, a new unlisted video was shared on social media with the same title, causing viewers to switch from one video to the next. This time, it was the complete opposite of boring. TXT showed up to perform their latest single, “LO$ER=LO♡ER,” all while causing havoc in the HYBE building.


It was a suspenseful yet exciting time for MOAs. So, here are 10+ of their reactions…

1. Their choreographers appeared like proud moms

2. Soobin was having a lot of fun

3. We got these amazing edits

4. ARMY and MOA have more in common than you think

No one is more patient than these fandoms.

5. The birth of a new Yeonjun meme

6. It’s funny because it’s true

7. He did what we would all do

8. Honestly, this isn’t too far off from what happened

9. If Yeonjun isn’t your bias, he’s definitely you’re bias wrecker for this era

10. We stan the HYBE staff

11. Did a HYBE employee suggest TXT wreck the new offices?

12. When you realize they be clowning us

13. The contrast between TXT’s new video and BTS’s

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Source: Twitter