21 Best Moments From Episode 133 Of “Run BTS!” You Need To See

Our weekly serotonin boost has arrived!

BTS participated in a BTS Run! “Workshop Special” in Episode 133. Things got really exciting as the members delve deep into the web to unearth hidden memories and trivia from episodes past. Here are the 21 funniest moments!

1. Jungkook feeling some superiority

2. We knew this episode was going to be wild from the start

3. Seeing the boys laughing

4. Jimin utilizing technology

5. V had no shame in cheating

6. When Jungkook scolded his fan for helping RM

7. The editors summing up our feelings for Jin

8. Jungkook’s keyboard

9. When the members couldn’t identify the J-Hope meme because he laughs so much

10. These are not the answers you’re looking for

11. When Jimin was searching for pictures of himself

12. J-Hope loves ARMY so much

13. The youngest members playfully fighting

14. TaeKook can’t stay mad at each other for long

15. Our love for the editors go on

16. Desperate times call for desperate measures

17. Jimin being the sweet mochi he is

18. This cute sequence

19. V is all of us

20. Give Jin his points!

21. When we all got exposed

Source: BTS