Here Are The Top 12 Most Stunning Red Carpet Looks From GFRIEND

They SLAY in #1.

The beautiful ladies of GFRIEND look like dolls every time they step onto the red carpet at events. Here are their top 12 most glamorous and fashion-forward looks that slayed the hearts of fans!

12. Houndstooth, black, and lace all work together to create a classy and sophisticated vibe.

11. GFRIEND can rock anything!

10. White lace is timelessly beautiful.

9. They’re polished and ready to own this red carpet.

8. The girls were totally unique here.

7. You can’t go wrong with an all-black vibe.

6. They’re absolutely stunning!

5. These girly and chic looks always flatter them.

4. Soft blouses and colors like pastel pink and black are just perfect together.

3. They still show off their super cute personalities!

2. Slaaay.

1. They look like the most gorgeous ballerinas in these dresses!