Moments Where GFRIEND Were Absolutely Savage In Their Replies On Weverse

Queen behavior.

Apart from labelmate BTS Jin‘s savage moments on Weverse, GFRIEND is also known to be equally as savage to their fans. Here are 4 moments of their hilariously droll replies on the communicative app.

1. The road to cuteness

A fan had praised the girls of GFRIEND for one of their goods’ photoshoots, where all of them are seen posing cutely for the camera. Some of them are even sporting huge ribbons! The fan had posted the photo along with the caption, “this is so so cute“. However, SinB very realistically replied, “of course it has to be cute – we went as far as to do all that“.

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2. Er…congrats?

Fans have a culture of posting “it’s OO’s time!” on social media whenever it hits the time of the day corresponding to their idols’ birthdays. For example, SinB’s birthday falls on June 3, so at 6:03pm or am, fans would post, “it’s SinB’s time!” This fan, however, decided to celebrate themselves instead, posting “it’s Junhwan’s time now!” Hilariously, he received a reply from Umji, who congratulated him dryly.

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3. Three-timing

A fan gave a very interesting proposition to their idols, asking “Yuju, Eunha and SinB, be my girlfriend for 10 minutes.” They received not one, but two replies! SinB coolly retracted, claiming “I’ll back out” while Yuju charismatically told the fan, “first, choose.

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4. Catching flies

A fan asked SinB what she was up to, even going so far as to confess she was missing her idol. SinB however, not one to romanticize things, very truthfully stated, “I’m catching fruit flies.

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We’re absolutely living for this energy!

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