The Hairstyle That Girl Group Members Are Loving These Days

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With ballet core on the rise, many K-Pop stars are taking cues from the feminine style. A key feature of ballet core incorporates the use of ribbons into everything, from hair, to accessories.

One of the most popular hairstyles that stemmed from the balletcore trend involves attaching ribbons to one’s hair. Although it wasn’t yet part of the balletcore trend, IVE’s Wonyoung sported them early on during the group’s debut with “ELEVEN.”

Wonyoung’s simple dangling ribbons style was upgraded soon after, with a twist that is closer to balletcore. NMIXX’s Kyujin braided organza ribbons into her plaits. The airy texture of the ribbon gave it a more girly touch.

Balletcore can’t be talked about without mentioning BLACKPINK’s Jennie. One of the first few celebrities to help push the trend in South Korea, Jennie has been incorporating the balletcore style into her solo stages for “Me & U” with each stop of her group’s world tour. She often sported ribbon braids in colors matching her outfit.

Jennie’s bestie, TWICE’s Nayeon, also wore the style in “POP.” She went for a more ethereal edge, matching satin ribbons with a tulle dress.

The use of ribbons in hairstyles has led to many versions and spinoffs. Fans have adapted the trend, showing it off with their own style.

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With new versions popping up each day, it doesn’t seem like the trend will die down any time soon.