Here Are 10 Girl Group Songs That K-Pop Fans Wish Would Go Viral

All of these songs are absolute bops!

Recently, Brave Girls has been making waves after a YouTube video of their song “Rollin” went viral online. Since then, Reddit users began discussing what other K-Pop songs they wish would go viral. Here were the top 10 girl group songs that came up in the discussion.

1. Nine Muses’ “Doll”

Possibly the biggest contender of this list is “Dolls” by Nine Muses. The retro melody of this song with the trumpets playing in the background truly should have been a hit. Pair the catchy melody with the sexy concept and this should have topped charts all over the nation. This song and really, any other song by Nine Muses should have gained more attention.

2. WJSN’s “Secret”

Next up on this list is WJSN‘s “Secret”. While this song saw some success during its initial release, it did not live up to the hype it should have been given. Fans believe that this song will remain a timeless classic regardless of the generation and we fully agree. The vocals, the dance and the catchy bimiliya-ah-ah-ah lyric will forever make people wonder why this song never saw viral success.

3. SPICA’s “Tonight”

Third on this list is a happy little number by SPICA. “Tonight” brings a smile upon people’s faces with its hopeful message, as well as its super fun and catchy melody. The 5 power vocals of this group really nailed this one out of the park with its bohemian concept, but again, we can’t help but wonder why this was slept on.

4. GFRIEND’s “Fingertip”

While GFRIEND is a relatively popular girl group, this specific song is one that fans believe didn’t receive the attention it deserved. The sound that “Fingertip” delivered has been compared to former girl group KARA, which is an honor in itself. The funky tunes didn’t chart as well as the public thought it would have, disappointing fans and netizens alike.

5. Rainbow’s “A”

Rainbow‘s “A” is a classic from the previous generation of K-Pop that had everything going for it. This song had an addictive melody, eye-catching dance moves and a spot on concept. While this song was one of Rainbow’s most popular songs, it didn’t receive the recognition it truly deserved. This is definitely a song that deserved to go viral.

6. Gugudan’s “The Boots”

The whistling, the vocals, and the choreography were all amazing in Gugudan‘s “The Boots.” We still can’t understand why this song wasn’t popular because it is so darn catchy. All you need is one listen and we guarantee that you will be hooked on this song. Let’s get this one “Rollin” and get it to viral status, stat.

7. PLAYBACK’s “Want You To Say”

PLAYBACK is another girl group that deserved more hype, but they were neglected and sadly, we haven’t heard from them in awhile. “Want You To Say” was an easy listen, with its cool melody and fun lyrics. The girls proved themselves as true vocalists with every release, but they were never given the love that they should have received.

8. BESTie’s “Excuse Me”

“Excuse Me” by girl group BESTie was easily one of the biggest bops we heard at the time, but it never exploded to success like the public thought it would. The sexy dance moves were a given, but their incredible vocals made the song so much more. The addictive “excuse me, excuse me” lyrics were hummed by many, but clearly not enough.

9. ELRIS’s “Pow Pow”

A relatively new girl group that failed to see success is ELRIS. Their song “Pow Pow” was so incredibly adorable and catchy, but no one talked about it at the time of its release. The upbeat tunes and cute adlibs really made this song stand out during its time, but again it was quietly swept under the rug without ever seeing success. How can anyone stop listening to this song after hearing the cute “Pow Pow” lyrics?

10. CLC’s “Pepe”

Last, but not least is the incredibly strong debut by CLC. Their debut song, “Pepe” was one of the strongest debuts made by a girl group, but it didn’t receive the hype it should have gotten. The strong, girl crush concept was executed perfectly by the girls during a time when cute concepts were overwhelming the K-Pop scene. This song and the group definitely needs to go viral, now.

Source: Reddit and YouTube
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