Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Looks Expensive AF In “Private Lives”

The maknae looks so grown up!

New drama Private Lives just aired this week and we’re already living for it! As we wait for next Wednesday to roll around, here’s some of the iconic looks Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun wore in the drama. The forever maknae looks so classy and luxurious that we almost forgot about her co-star, Go Kyung Pyo!

1. Her wedding dress

| @seojuhyun_s/Instagram

Who ever thought that we’d see the maknae first in a wedding gown! The short, puff sleeves and square sweetheart neckline make her look girly and fresh, while keeping the modest image she has going.

2. Absolutely badass

We don’t think we’ve ever seen Seohyun dress like this before! With a leather jacket and matching knee-high boots, Seohyun looks every bit the master swindler out for revenge.

3. This co-ord set in tweed

| Star Today

Tweed is an essential fabric for the rich. While the color and texture screams “rich princess”, Seohyun gives it an edge with the unique white piping and the padded shoulders.

4. Angelic in all-white

| @seor0ro/Twitter

This look marked her first meeting with Go Kyung Pyo’s character. As she sat at a high-end bar wearing a white newsboy cap and a plain white t-shirt, it is no wonder that Junghwan fell for her on first sight!

5. Business, but make it pink

| @seor0ro/Twitter

Seohyun wore a pink work blazer that may have looked a little out of place on anyone else, but it worked perfectly on her. She paired it with a matching cool-tone lipstick and subtle pink eyeshadow. What really tied the look together was her bold, chunky gold accessories.

The drama is only two episodes in and already we foresee much more moments of fashion inspiration to come! Stay tuned for more!

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