Here Are 10+ Times Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Proved She’s The Queen Of Preppy Style

She can pull off anything!

Throughout her career, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon has proven she can pull off any genre, concept, and of course, style! Whether she dresses like an edgy rockstar or puts on a more girly look, Taeyeon stuns in all! One look Taeyeon always looks gorgeous in is a cute preppy look!

1. Soft and sweet

Taeyeon looks angelic in this simple yet chic ensemble! To dress the outfit up, Taeyeon’s glasses, jewelry, and a cute little bag really make this look preppy!

2. She’s even preppy on the “Weekend”

Taeyeon’s latest hit comeback with “Weekend” has been full of gorgeous preppy outfits!

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

3. Let’s not forget her iconic “Amazing Saturday” looks!

Taeyeon seems to stun us every episode with her incredible costumes! Sometimes they’re pretty scholarly like this one!

| @amazingsat_official/Instagram

4. She’s a hard-working woman!

Taeyeon showed off her bright yet sophisticated style in her “Weekend” concept photos!

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

5. Artsy!

Taeyeon can even pull off an artsy and preppy look! She is very creative!

6. An adorable throwback!

Taeyeon is just as cute as she was back toward the start of her career!

7. Pink and preppy!

Pearls have proven to be a great accessory when tieing together the perfect scholarly style!

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

8. She’s actually an angel

Taeyeon is literally glowing! Love long cardigan sweater and black bow.

9. Who else is obsessed with this look!

Not only does Taeyeon look fantastic but her dancer as well!

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

10. She’s literally the cutest!

Taeyeon is too adorable in this outfit!

11. This screams preppy!

Plaid is always a good move toward a preppy look! Not only does the matching plaid skirt and blazer add to the look but also her blue beret and knit sweater!

12. She’s edgy too

Taeyeon makes this look edgy yet her cute pigtail braids give off that school-girl vibe.

13. Love these layers!

How is an outfit all casual, sophisticated, classy, and preppy all at the same time?

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

14. Baby blue is definitely Taeyeon’s color!

A matching button-down top and skirt make an amazing ensemble.

| Cosmopolitan Korea

15. Smart and beautiful

This The Queen’s Gambit costume perfectly reflects the retro-preppy style of the show’s main character Beth Harmon.

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

16. Casual yet stunning

Taeyeon can make any simple outfit into an eye-catching look!

17. The sporty student

Whether in the gym or in the halls, Taeyeon can always create the perfect preppy style.

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

18. Love these throwbacks

Girls’ Generation’s “Kissing You” was a legendary era filled with the cutest attire!

19. Taeyeon is the queen of thigh-high socks and boots!

What better for a preppy look than some over-the-knee socks and boots?!


20. Taeyeon always has the best hairstyles

No matter what she’s wearing or how her hair is done, Taeyeon is always beautiful.

21. Missing the TTS days!

TTS definitely changed the game for fashion and this preppy look is unforgettable!

22. “Oh! ” brightened everyone’s day!

This concept and look are iconic! From the thigh-high hot pink boots to their jersey and cropped bomber jacket, SONEs can never forget this era.

23. She’s seriously the cutest!

This outfit matches Taeyeon’s bubbly yet professional personality!

| 놀라운 토요일 Amazing Saturday/YouTube

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