“Girls Planet 999” 2nd Eliminations: Here’s Who Made It Through (& Who Didn’t)

Did your favorite picks make the cut?

After a staggering 45 contestants were eliminated in the fifth episode of Girls Planet 999 earlier this month, the Mnet survival show has once again whittled down its contestants. This week, episode eight marked the second Girls Planet 999 elimination round, which saw 27 contestants leave the competition. Here’s who made it through to the next round, the lucky contestants who were saved from elimination with the judges’ Planet Passes, and a list of everyone who was eliminated.

First up, here are the eight C-Group contestants who made it through to the next round of Girls Planet 999 based on votes.

8. Xu Ziyin

Xu Ziyin received 1,637,433 points.

 Xu Ziyin has now withdrawn from Girls Planet 999 despite surviving the elimination round — here’s why:


Xu Ziyin Withdraws From “Girls Planet 999” Despite Surviving Eliminations

7. Fu Yaning

Fu Yaning received 1,658,939 points.

Xu Ziyin and Fu Yaning | Mnet

6. Chen Hsinwei

Chen Hsinwei received 1,751,753 points.

5. Wen Zhe

Wen Zhe received 2,197,276 points.

4. Cai Bing

Cai Bing received 2,682,114 points.

Chen Hsinwei, Wen Zhe, and Cai Bing | Mnet

3. Huang Xingqiao

Huang Xingqiao received 2,816,654 points.

2. Su Ruiqi

Su Ruiqi received 2,912,831 points.

1. Shen Xiaoting

Shen Xiaoting received 5,517,873 points.

Huang Xingqiao, Su Ruiqi, Shen Xiaoting | Mnet

Next up, here are the eight J-Group contestants who made it through to the next round of Girls Planet 999 through votes.

8. May (Cherry Bullet)

May received 1,696,554 points.

7. Ikema Ruan

Ikema Ruan received 1,729,825 points

May and Ikema Ruan | Mnet

6. Kishida Ririka

Kishida Ririka received 2,221,061 points.

5. Nagai Manami

Nagai Manami received 2,363,513 points.

4. Nonaka Shana

Nonaka Shana received 2,563,703 points.

Kishida Ririka, Nagai Manami, and Nonaka Shana | Mnet

3. Ezaki Hikaru

Ezaki Hikaru received 4,176,316 points.

2. Sakamoto Mashiro

Sakamoto Mashiro received 4,578,784 points.

1. Kawaguchi Yurina

Kawaguchi Yurina received 4,661,720 points.

Ezaki Hikaru, Sakamoto Mashiro, and Kawaguchi Yurina | Mnet

Finally, here are the eight K-Group contestants who made it through to the next round of Girls Planet 999 through votes.

8. Huening Bahiyyih

Huening Bahiyyih received 1,503,092 points.

7. Kim Bora (Cherry Bullet)

Kim Bora received 1,662,629 points.

Huening Bahiyyih and Kim Bora | Mnet

6. Guinn Myah

Guinn Myah received 1,803,320 points.

5. Seo Youngeun

Seo Youngeun received 2,015,176 points.

4. Kang Yeseo (former Busters)

Kang Yeseo received 2,475,538 points.

Guinn Myah, Seo Youngeun, and Kang Yeseo | Mnet

3. Kim Dayeon

Kim Dayeon received 2,614,923 points.

2. Kim Chaehyun

Kim Chaehyun received 2,665,915 points.

1. Choi Yujin (CLC)

Choi Yujin received 3,173,040 points.

Kim Dayeon, Kim Chaehyun, and Choi Yujin | Mnet

Alongside the aforementioned 24 contestants, three who were almost eliminated received Planet Passes from the judges that will keep them in the competition until the next round.

1. Zhou Xinyu

| Mnet

2. Kamimoto Kotone

| Mnet

3. Kim Suyeon

| Mnet

All that said, these are the remaining 27 contestants who were sadly eliminated:

The K-Group eliminations:

  1. An Jeongmin
  2. Choi Yeyoung
  3. Huh Jiwon (Cherry Bullet)
  4. Jeong Jiyoon
  5. Kim Doah (Fanatics)
  6. Kim Hyerim (former LIMESODA)
  7. Lee Chaeyun
  8. Lee Hyewon
  9. Yoon Jia

The C-Group eliminations

  1. Hsu Nientzu
  2. Leung Cheukying
  3. Chiayi (Fanatics)
  4. Li Yiman
  5. Liang Jiao
  6. Wang Yale
  7. Wu Tammy
  8. Yang Zige
  9. Zhang Luofei

The J-Group eliminations

  1. Arai Risako
  2. Fujimoto Ayaka
  3. Hayase Hana
  4. Kubo Reina
  5. Kuwahara Ayana
  6. Sakamoto Shihona
  7. Sakurai Miu
  8. Shima Moka
  9. Yamauchi Moana

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