9 Times GOT7 Borrowed Cameras From Ahgase And Immediately Transformed Into Their Members’ Fansite Masters

Just GOT7 unleashing their inner fansite master!

GOT7 don’t just take amazing photos in front of the camera…

They also take plenty of jaw-dropping great pictures behind them too!

Although GOT7 have already given plenty of proof of their top-notch photography skills through their own personal Instagram accounts, they’ve also showcased their picture-taking talents with a little help from Ahgase during fan events too.

Borrowing cameras from Ahgase, here are just a few times that GOT7 have unleashed their photography skills on their members and transformed into their fansite masters!

1. Sweet talk to me babe. It’s magical! BamBam’s sweet photography~ (Bonus points to anyone who sings this!)

Although BamBam may have caused a bit of confusion at first when he was spotted taking photos off stage during one fan event during GOT7’s “Lullaby” promotions…

It soon became clear exactly what he was up to — snapping the perfect picture of Jinyoung!

2. When you’ve got to get that picture just right

Many of the best pictures take time. After all, you have to make sure you line up the perfect shot!

And Jackson definitely did just that when he went full fansite master and took this heart-fluttering shot of BamBam!

3. When even a preview is waaaaay too much for our heart!

Just fansite masternim Jackson taking some sweet photos of Mark

And stealing our heart through a preview!

4. We’re going to need him to drop that picture stat!

Fansite master BamBam was back at it again during GOT7’s Eyes On You tour. Now we just need him to actually drop that picture of Mark!

5. The best of both worlds

During one fansigning event in 2016, Ahgase were not only blessed with plenty of heart-fluttering Youngjae pics…

They were also blessed with Youngjae’s photography too!

6. Fansite master Jackson is in the house

Jackson has been flexing his inner fansite master for years now…

And it shows! Not only did he take this swoon-worthy picture…

But he also proved he knows exactly how to catch his subject’s attention!

7. If one picture is worth a thousand words then how about two?

Borrowing a camera from a JB fansite master during one event, Youngjae showcased his stunning photography skills once again…

With a picture of Jinyoung…

And JB!

8. We can’t forget about video cameras too!

Like any good fansite master, GOT7 know when to turn on video mode for the maximum cuteness. Case in point, this super cute video of Yugyeom taken by Jackson!

9. The entire fansite master transformation

From the moment he borrowed the camera to the super-soft results, Jackson’s entire fansite master transformation was caught on tape!