Korean Ahgasaes List Out Every Single Thing JYP Entertainment Did GOT7 Dirty With – Calls For Better Treatment

Fans have been repeatedly calling for improvement In management.

Fans of JYP Entertainment boy group, GOT7, have recently been calling out for better treatment for the group. From trending hashtags to sending LED trucks to protest outside the company, Ahgasaes are fed up with the company. One K-Ahgasae took to an online community to detail every single mistreatment GOT7 received, despite the group’s success.


1. Non-handling of sasaeng fans

A very sensitive topic amongst fans, sasaengs are invasive fans that often stalk members past their work hours, into their private lives. This includes waiting outside their apartments, sending texts or calls to the artists themselves, stalking them to private events and drama sets even. In particular, Jinyoung and Youngjae have been facing the largest issues with sasaeng fans, with Jinyoung being followed to drama ending parties and filming sets. Youngjae on the other hand, has actively been calling them out on his personal SNS, as their company failed to take action on his behalf.


2. Failure to proceed with dealings against malicious comments

As the era of the internet grows, so does hate comments left by keyboard warriors. Many companies have stepped out to take harsh legal actions against such people. However, it seems that JYP Entertainment has been accused of being lax about comments targeted to GOT7. Fans claim that even though the company has promised to do something about it, they have yet to follow through.


3. Blocking domestic schedules

GOT7 is known to be highly popular overseas, and as such, they often travel for their promotions internationally. However, K-Fans have been upset at the lack of promotion for them domestically. With “Not By The Moon”, the group was able to appear on a select few shows, such as Weekly Idol, Dingo‘s videos on YouTube, as well as some radio shows. According to Ahgasaes, most of these weren’t made available to the group until “Not By The Moon”.


4. Lack of social media promotions and presence

Fans have noticed that the division in charge of GOT7’s promotions, Division 2, is lacking when it comes to social media marketing. Artist comebacks are usually promoted on social media, however, for GOT7, they seem to be falling behind. No advertisements were made for the group either, despite many companies creating advertisements on YouTube to boost click-ins into music videos.


5. Inefficiency in overseas schedules

Not only did JYP Entertainment barely promote their concerts overseas, evidently the company did not respond timely to invites from American TV shows such as Good Day New York. During their appearance in 2018 and 2019, the representatives shared that they had always wanted to invite GOT7 down, but their company was hard to get in touch with. Eventually fans reached out to the company consistently with the help of social media, securing the boys’ spots on the show. Fans claim that other shows have similar issues trying to get the boys to guest.


6. Availability of albums overseas

With other artists having their CDs available on American e-commerce giant, Amazon, GOT7 is the only one of their artists that do not have their albums for sale on the site. International fans have to resort to other, more expensive means to get their fix. Fans claim that if there were easier avenues for purchase, sales would go up, and so would the boys’ chart rankings. Fans are speculating that most of the other artists have been signed to international labels that aid with this but GOT7 has yet to do so.


7. Interference with self-composed songs

JB is known to be a skilled composer, but it seems that his songs are getting turned down by the company or JYP himself. Other than altering the lyrics of “Eclipse” completely from “leave your uneasiness to me”, he changed it to “stay with me as I am uneasy, I only have you”. Even “Page”, a self-composed song that fans loved, was originally rejected as a title song for the group.


Fans have been protesting against the management system for the company, as they claim the divisional management system reduced overall cohesiveness and structure in promotions across artists.

With Division 2 handling promotions for both ITZY and GOT7, perhaps with the focus placed on ITZY as they are the rising rookies of the company, manpower for GOT7 may be lacking thus. Fans hope that JYP Entertainment will improve in their efforts to take better care of GOT7.

Source: PANN

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