Ahgase Demand #FairTreatmentForGOT7 With Truck Outside JYPE & #1 Worldwide Trend

Fans say GOT7 has been mismanaged, mistreated, and failed by JYP Entertainment.

With GOT7 halfway through their 6th year since debut, the Ahgase fandom (also known as IGOT7) is not happy with the way they’ve been treated—so much so that they’re taking matters into their own hands with a protest truck and worldwide trend.

On July 6, #FairTreatmentForGOT7 reached #1 on Twitter’s worldwide trends. According to fans, JYP Entertainment has mistreated, mismanaged, and failed in the group in a multitude of ways.

For one, Ahgase say that JYP Entertainment has not adequately protected GOT7 from sasaengs (stalker “fans”). The GOT7 members have had several problems with sasaengs in the past, including an incident where Jackson got into a car accident after stalkers tailed him.

Youngjae also unleashed his frustrations regarding a sasaeng’s behavior last week. From leaking addresses to filming members in the bathroom, these incidents have been ongoing for years, and fans allege that the company is yet to take any action.

On top of that, Ahgase are demanding that the company addresses the long-term “mismanagement” the group has faced. Fans say that comebacks were under-promoted despite the members asking for more group variety show appearances. They also say that tours and other events were managed poorly, and that album distribution is insufficient (particularly in the US).

Ahgase say they’ve done far more to promote GOT7 than JYP Entertainment has, even going as far as to pay for YouTube ads and billboards, contact shows like Good Day New York to secure appearances, and translate almost all GOT7 content.

Fans are also upset about how the members have been treated as individuals, citing lack of creative control over their music, lack of solo activities over the years, and criticism from the staff on televised broadcasts.

In total, the fandom says they’ve sent over 750,000 emails to the company over the last few years and haven’t received any response. So, to get their point through to JYP Entertainment, they’ve taken things a step further by hiring a protest truck.

The LED truck demanding better treatment for GOT7 was stationed outside JYP Entertainment headquarters today.

According to fans at the scene, the truck driver got into a verbal altercation with JYP Entertainment staff after being asked to leave. The driver from the truck company insisted that no laws are being broken.

Despite that, Korean Ahgase say the company has lodged a complaint with the local authority to get the truck removed.

As of yet, JYP Entertainment is yet to publicly respond to fans demands.