These 10+ Moments of GOT7’s Most Iconic Fights Are Proof Of GOT7’s Family-Like Bond

7 for 7, even when they fight over chicken.

Everyone knows that GOT7 love each other deeply, and their latest reunion is proof of how much joy and happiness they bring to each other. But even the closest siblings fight, and GOT7 is no exception, being open and honest about the arguments they’ve gotten into over the years. Despite their fights being over the smallest of things, each incident has brought them closer together, and the memories are worth a lifetime of laughter. Here are 13 of GOT7’s most iconic fights.

1. Cabbage Pulling

Pre-debut GOT7 was when the members got into the most fights, but it’s clear that they’ve grown very close ever since.

2. Flying Rice

The newest fight GOT7 revealed to Ahgases, and like many of GOT7’s fights, it’s over food.


Legend says, the rice still stuck on the ceiling #got7 #got7fancon #homecominggot7 #jayb #marktuan #jacksonwang #jinyoung #youngjae #bambam #yugyeom


3. Breaking Aircons

Ahgases notice pretty quickly that there’s a pattern to who’s involved in fights within GOT7.


Bambam: laptop while Youngjae: aircon only @marktuan can do that😅 @youngjaexars #marktuan #youngjae #jayb #got7 #igot7 #got7official #kpop #fyp

♬ original sound – ahgase🐣 – ahgase🐣

4. Fish Cake Soup

If you know how big “one bite” can be with Jay B, you’ll understand BamBam‘s reaction.

5. The Laptop Incident

Ahgases have heard of this story for years, and finally, we get Mark‘s point of view.

6. Fried Chicken

Jackson and Jay B didn’t talk for a month because of this and only found out BamBam ate it during a game of Truth or Dare.

7. Placement Of The Mats

Jinyoung and Jay B have known each other the longest, and the two bicker like an old married couple.

8. When Fights Need To Be Translated

Another level to being stuck-in-the-middle.


language barrier couldn’t even stop them from fighting😭 #day6 #got7 #jyp #fyp #foryoupage

♬ original sound – dei – dei

9. JackBam’s Couple Shirt

Jackson ignored BamBam for three months because BamBam wouldn’t wear the shirt Jackson bought him.

10. Eating Meat Without Him

GOT7 has to think twice before offending Jinyoung because they’ll never hear the end of it.

11. “Encore”

It’s the smallest details people fight and laugh over.

12. The Shabu Shabu Betrayal

Definitely in the Top Five of K-Pop betrayals.


13. Pranking The Maknae

They’ve done this not once but twice to poor Yugyeom.


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