These 7 Wise Words by GOT7’s Jinyoung Will Comfort You On Your Hardest Days

Jinyoung’s words bring healing to the soul.

Mindset by DIVE Studios recently tweeted a quote by GOT7‘s Jinyoung to comfort anyone who might read it. It instantly reminded Ahgases of all the wisdom Jinyoung has shared over the years. While he has written many beautiful songs and spoken many encouraging words, we’re here to highlight seven of his most comforting lines.

We want to inspire you beyond what you can get from a relationship between a celebrity and fan but as a person to person.

— Jinyoung

1. Jinyoung To Jackson From GOT2DAY

It’s all about perspective, and so while you may think yourself as small as one of the billions of stars in the sky, others see that your light shines so bright it reaches people light-years away.

2. “The Day”

With such soothing vocals and heartwarming words, Jinyoung constantly touches the hearts of Ahgases with his songs.

The voice back then, the air back then
Becomes waves and crashes down
But I’m waiting for them to settle some day
I pray until it reaches the sky
When I get more earnest with time
Forgotten memories come to me
— Jinyoung

3. Jinyoung And VLIVE

Jinyoung often shared his thoughts and books he read with Ahgases through VLIVE. In one VLIVE, Jinyoung shared these words of comfort to fans who may feel guilty for not trying hard enough or giving up when it gets tough. As he said, the most important part is starting again. Sometimes, giving up is just a means to a new beginning or a stronger second chance.

ECLIPSE — “we want to inspire you beyond what you can get...

4. “Thank You”

Jinyoung has frequently said that people say “I’m sorry” more often than they say “thank you” and wishes that people would cherish themselves more because their existence is enough to be grateful for. So it’s no surprise that he penned a song titled “Thank You,” cleverly substituting words of thanks for words of apology in the last chorus.

Now I’ll give you my all

Don’t be sorry anymore

Accept more than I’ve accepted

I’m so sorry, sorry, and

I’m so thankful

Thank you

— Jinyoung

ECLIPSE — “we want to inspire you beyond what you can get...

5. Jinyoung And Dingo

This Dingo YouTube video is the sweetest, and this tweet only highlights one of the many wise words Jinyoung shared with his fan. This message is also one Jinyoung frequently emphasizes, as he believes that acknowledging your hard work and being kind to yourself is a way to love yourself every day.

6. “My Youth”

We all miss our childhood days when the way we looked at the world was innocent, and our burdens were light. What’s most encouraging about this song is how Jinyoung emphasizes that while he misses his youth, he’s still young, and the happiness and joy he experienced so easily as a child isn’t out of reach.

My younger self that used to smile, I miss you

My younger self where even tears falling down were beautiful, I miss you

Young kid that shown bright even though he was small

Even if you were normal you were the world‘s hero

— Jinyoung

7. Jinyoung To BamBam

BamBam shared the advice Jinyoung gave to him when he was deciding what image to put forth for his first solo album, riBBon. Jinyoung never fails to encourage his members, and his words are an encouragement to anyone contemplating their identity and way of living.

Just do it your way. If you put too much pressure on yourself, nothing like you will come out. Rather than being someone else, BamBam, I think it would be enough to show them what you have.

— Jinyoung

Source: ISPLUS


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