4 Stories From GOT7’s Trainee Days That Every Ahgase Needs To Know

BamBam originally wasn’t supposed to debut in GOT7.

The GOT7 members have shared many stories from their trainee days, and a lot of them will put a smile on any fan’s face. Here are 4 stories from GOT7’s trainee days that every Ahgase (GOT7’s fandom) needs to know.

1. Mark and Jackson got into an argument due to stretching

GOT7’s Mark (Left) & Jackson (Right)

The GOT7 members have had some hilarious fights over the years, and Jackson and Mark once got into an argument due to some stretching!

During a stretching lesson, Jackson was against the wall, and his legs were spread to the point where they hurt.

While Jackson shared this story, Jay B laughingly said, “Mark grabbed Jackson’s hair and turned it around.”

Mark then took over and explained that their stretching instructor told him to push Jackson’s legs a bit more. Mark listened to the instructor, but Jackson got angry at Mark for stretching his legs further. Mark was confused about why Jackson got angry at him, as he only did what the instructor told him to do.


The two weren’t mad at each other for long and quickly got over this. Jinyoung then laughingly said that after this incident, Jackson started treating Mark really well. Jackson then playfully said that he did this since he didn’t want Mark to grab his hair again.

2. Youngjae and BamBam’s first meeting

GOT7’s Youngjae (Left) & BamBam (Right)

When Youngjae became a trainee, he had an interesting first meeting with BamBam. In an episode of the New Yang Nam Show, BamBam shared that he wanted to prank some of the other trainees by taking off his underwear.

I just came out of the shower, and I was only wearing a towel and my underwear when I heard something. It sounded like someone pressing the password numbers, so I was like, it must be my hyungs. So as a prank, I took off my underwear and was like this.

— BamBam

BamBam was shocked when he was greeted by Youngjae, who was a new trainee at the time!

So I was like, how should I react? Has JYP always been this kind of place?

— Youngjae

Not only was Youngjae shocked, but BamBam was shocked as well!

And originally, when you’re surprised, you be like, ‘Woah’ and cover-up. Right? But I just kept going. I think he was really shocked.

— BamBam

3. Jay B and Mark needing a translator during a fight

GOT7’s Mark (Left) & Jay B (Right)

In a live broadcast, Jinyoung and Jay B spoke about a hilarious fight that happened when they were trainees. In the past, Mark got into a fight with PENTAGON‘s Hui, who was a JYP Entertainment trainee at the time.


Former BAP member Youngjae, who also was a JYP Entertainment trainee at the time, tried to break up the fight, but he too started arguing with Mark.

Former BAP member Youngjae

Jay B then tried to break up the fight, but he also started fighting with Mark! The problem, however, was that Mark wasn’t fluent in Korean yet and spoke English. Due to this, DAY6‘s Young K, a JYP Entertainment trainee at the time, had to translate everything as he spoke both English and Korean fluently.

DAY6’s Young K

Thanks to Young K, everything got resolved peacefully!

4. BamBam wasn’t supposed to debut in the group

GOT7’s BamBam

In an interview on the Today Show in Thailand, BamBam revealed that he wasn’t supposed to debut in GOT7. BamBam originally was supposed to debut in the boy group after GOT7, but plans changed after he appeared in the program WIN: Who Is Next. In one episode of this show, the YG Entertainment trainees faced off against some JYP Entertainment trainees, and BamBam was one of the JYP Entertainment trainees featured.

Yang Hyun Suk, who was the head of YG Entertainment, praised BamBam’s skills. This compliment is what caused JYP Entertainment to include BamBam in GOT7’s lineup!