Here Are 5 K-Pop Artists With The Best Relationship With Their Managers

We love their friendships!

When it comes to K-Pop groups and their friendships, many fans often only think about idols’ friendships with each other, or even idols from different groups. However, there are lots of idols who have great relationships with their managers as well–take a look at these five examples!


CRAVITY have been known for talking about their managers often, whether it’s to buy them coffee, to joke around with them or praise them! In one of their C-Record vlogs, member Hyeongjun was on his way to take the CSAT test and was talking about how nervous he was.

| CRAVITY’s Hyeongjun.

His manager then did his best to reassure him, saying, “Once you get there, it doesn’t feel serious as you think. It just feels like any other test you take at school.”

His tone of voice was gentle and calming, and Hyeongjun seemed reassured after hearing his advice.

2. SHINee

SHINee, especially Taemin, have the funniest teasing relationship with their manager, Nam Eui Soo! In the six years (and counting) that Eui Soo has worked with him, Taemin has no doubt spent most of that time teasing him. His recent live broadcasts exposing Eui Soo’s love life have been circulating social media platforms, but this teasing can easily be traced back to years ago! In 2016, after Taemin won the Show Champion award for “Press Your Number,” he egged Eui Soo on until he finally gave in and danced to the song backstage, much to his chagrin.

Even though he loves to tease and joke around with Eui Soo, Taemin definitely has a deep appreciation for him. In an episode of VIXX Ravi’s podacst, Ravi’s Close Up, Taemin opened up about a more serious facet of his relationship with Eui Soo that goes runs deeper than all the teasing.

There’s nothing he doesn’t like. When I think that something looks bad, he’s like, “Oh, it looks so good!”. He’s satisfied with everything. The king of positivity! I’m kind of a king of negativity. He and I make a good balance, because without him, I might have gone too deep inside of myself and get stuck in trauma. He is the guy who saved me from there. He doesn’t just play the role of a manager.


3. N.Flying

N.Flying members Jaehyun and Hun, who run their own YouTube channel “2IDIOTS,” often involve their manager in their antics! Much like Taemin, their relationship with their manager is deeply rooted in teasing. There are many videos of them roping their manager in to do all kinds of challenges… Most likely after much convincing.

두얼간이 2IDIOTS - YouTube
Jaehyun (left) and Hun (right). | 2IDIOTS/YouTube

For instance, in one of their videos, they spent the whole day giving their manager a makeover! They started off by lightheartedly making fun of his fashion sense, before proclaiming that they would be his personal stylists for the day. They then dragged him through shops, putting together three outfits that he then had to model for them at the end. Although their manager looked apprehensive, it’s obvious he was having fun with them–especially when he dished the sass right back!

4. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher are known to tease one another, so it’s no surprise that they end up teasing their managers, too. However, they’re also really close with them, and once even threw them a surprise birthday party!

| @hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter

Further showing that they take care of their managers just like their managers take care of them, on a segment by MBC‘s “Good Job Today” for their Show Champion music show, Dreamcatcher had to order drinks from a coffee truck as part of the interview. As they were wrapping up their order, the girls made sure to order extra tea to bring back for their managers. The host, who was running the coffee truck, then informed them that they were the only ones who had taken their managers into account!


5. Kang Daniel

The most touching idol-manager relationship is probably Kang Daniel’s with his manager. In an episode of MBC’s The Manager, Kang Daniel revealed that when he took a health hiatus in 2019, his manager, Jung Dong Yoon, was the one person he was thankful for. He shared a touching message for his manager which truly showed that their bond runs deeper than one might expect.

You came at a chaotic time, before everything had settled down. It was when I was going through the hardest time. Back then, when I was going through a rough time, you came to my house every day, without missing a single day. You would come to see me, and we’d play games and eat together. Just having someone there by my side was nice in and of itself.

–Kang Daniel

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Jung Dong Yoon also revealed something that Kang Daniel had told him which touched him deeply.

He said, “Being with you makes me happy. Don’t go anywhere, and let’s keep working together.” He also tells me ‘I love you’ often. When he drinks, he’ll say ‘I love you’ and give me a hug. As a manager, it makes me feel proud.

–Jung Dong Yoon

Kang Daniel And His Funny Manager Took Cute Photos Together | KPOP CHINGU
Kang Daniel (left) and his manager, Jung Dong Yoon. | @mbcentertain/Instagram
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