SHINee’s Taemin Continues To Expose Their Manager And Reveals Euisoo Has Maybe Finally Found Love

“He’s always busy, very, very busy, but he can love.” 🥰

The neverending saga of SHINee exposing their manager and his love life continues!

Recently, the SHINee members have been holding many live broadcasts, usually during drives home at the end of their schedule. Most of the time, their manager, Euisoo, is responsible for driving and can be heard laughing at the members’ jokes. He usually, although, is the punchline of their jokes, especially if Taemin is telling the joke.

Key and Taemin have continually exposed Manager Euisoo’s love life or lack thereof. They have even attempted to play matchmaker during one of the live broadcasts.

Manager Euisoo’s love story has had a huge development! During Taemin’s latest live broadcast, he revealed that he noticed his manager had disappeared from the practice room yesterday. He went to look for him and discovered him in a different practice room on a FaceTime call.

Manager Euisoo was using informal language during the call, and Taemin heard him say, “I love you.” Taemin confronted him and asked him, “What are you doing?” Manager Euisoo was startled, became flustered, and suddenly began to use formal language. 😳

Taemin wonders if Manager Euisoo is in love since it’s springtime. Taemin said, “He’s always busy, very, very busy, but he can love.” 

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After the story, Manager Euisoo gave no response but was heard laughing in the background. Continuing to expose him, Taemin said that he was smiling. Now that he’s finally found love, Taemin called him a “traitor.” 😭

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You can watch a clip from the live broadcast below.

Source: SHINee