9 Groups That Incredibly Earned Their First Win In Under A Month

These groups had immediate success.

Some groups have been waiting a long time for their first win, others manage it with their debut song. These groups incredibly earned their first win in under a month.

1. 2NE1 (28 Days)

2NE1 grabbed their first win on SBS Inkigayo for “Fire”, just 28 days after it was released.

2. Miss A (21 Days)

Miss A received their first music show win on M Countdown for “Bad Girl, Good Girl”.

3. (G)I-DLE (20 Days)

One of last year’s breakout stars, (G)I-DLE received a very unexpected but well-deserved win for “Latata” just 20 days after it was released.

4. CNBLUE (15 Days)

CNBLUE held the record for the fastest first win for years but were recently dethroned. “I’m A Loner” won first place on Music Bank just over two weeks after it was released.

5. BLACKPINK (13 Days)

BLACKPINK’s debut in 2016 lit the K-Pop world on fire. They won SBS Inkigayo with “Whistle” in under two weeks since their debut.

6. iKON (11 Days)

Speaking of YG groups, iKON received their first win in just 11 days on Music Core for “My Type”.

7. IZ*ONE (10 Days)

The rookie girl group IZ*ONE that formed as a result of Produce 48 didn’t have to wait long for their first win. “La Vie En Rose” won M Countdown just 10 days after the video dropped.

8. WINNER (9 days)

WINNER, back when they were a 5-man group registered their first music show after a staggeringly short 9 days after their debut. “Empty” isn’t exactly the type of song we associate WINNER with these days but it’s still a great song in its own right.

9. Wanna One (9 Days)

The recently disbanded Wanna One immediately won Show Champion with their debut song “Energetic”, matching WINNER’s record of 9 days.

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