Happy International Dog Day — Here’s 10 Of The Cutest Idol & Dog Families In K-Pop

We hope all of the adorable K-Pop dogs had a great day!

It’s International Dog Day! What better way to celebrate than to take a look at some K-Pop idols with the most adorable furry companions. Here’s a list of 10 of the cutest idol + dog families in K-Pop!

1. WayV & Bella

WayV are head-over-heels for their dog, Bella, even if they like to tease her sometimes! As the only female in the WayV household, she has to hold her own, but she’s got all the fans on her side.

2. BLACKPINK’s Rosé & Hank

BLACKPINK is full of dog lovers! Jennie has her adorable cocker spaniel Kai and her pomeranian Kuma; Jisoo‘s got Dalgom, her white Maltese; and Lisa recently got a dog she named Love. But Rosé and Hank have a special place in our hearts since she adopted him after he was abandoned by his previous owner.

3. NCT’s Chenle & Daegal

Daegal is adored by Chenle, NCT, and their fans! The members are all over her whenever she makes an appearance in a video or livestream. Who could blame them! She was unbelievably small when Chenle first got her, and she’s had our hearts ever since.

Jisung, Mark, Chenle, and Haechan with Daegal. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

4. EXO’s Sehun & Vivi and Monsieur

There’s a lot of dog-owners in EXO, from Kai‘s poodle family to Baekhyun‘s adorable corgi. But Sehun’s dogs in particular are famous around the world! His love for Vivi knows no limits, and he grew super attached to Monsieur after fostering him for a friend.

5. STRAY KIDS’ Hyunjin & Kkami

Hyunjin’s dog Kkami was named after his previous puppy Kkomi passed away. Hyunjin named Kkami in honor of Kkomi, and has been showering his dog with twice the love ever since — even if Kkami loves playing hard to get! We know he’s having the best time being by Hyunjin’s side.

6. TWICE’s Momo & Boo, Dobby, Petco, Pudding, and Lucky

While there are many dog lovers in TWICE, Momo is a very serious dog lover as you can see from the fact that she has five! Lucky, Pudding, and Petco are family dogs, while Boo was first shown to fans in 2020. Dobby is the newest addition to the family, joining Momo in January 2021!

7. GOT7’s Youngjae & Coco

Youngjae and Mark adopted Coco together after searching for a dog that could fit in their dorm and also didn’t set off Youngjae’s allergies! Coco was the perfect fit and we’ve been obsessed with her ever since. Now that the GOT7 members live separately, Coco lives with Youngjae who updates us constantly on what she’s up to.

8. SHINee’s Key & Comme Des and Garcon

Key named his two dogs after the Japanese designer brand Comme des Garcons, and they show up in the idol’s social media updates often. He even made an Instagram dedicated to them! They totally match each other’s energy and make one very unique family.

9. Red Velvet’s Joy & Haetnim

Joy loves dogs so much, if she weren’t an idol, she might have become a dog trainer! She often spends time volunteering at dog shelters. Joy adopted Haetnim in 2018 and also has an Instagram account just for her! She’s absolutely precious and stunning, just like her owner.

10. BTS’s V & Yeontan

BTS is also full of dog owners and their lovely dogs, from RM‘s Monie to J-Hope‘s Mickey to Suga‘s Holly, and more. But Yeontan will always be special to fans for his surprise debut! He first showed up during a livestream before we ever got a formal introduction. Since then, ARMYs have gotten to see Yeontan grow up and become a fine, young dog!

Check out some more idols with their dogs below!

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