All The Hardships Beomhan Endured During His Time As A Trainee

Both in online and real-life spaces, he had to go through some tough experiences.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

On September 6, FM Entertainment, the former management of Beomhan, a popular K-Pop trainee and pre-debut member of M.O.N.T Arena, shocked netizens with a rather “aggressive” public statement announcing the termination of their contract with the artist.

Beomhan | FM Entertainment

Despite not having debuted yet, Beomhan has already built himself a sizable fanbase. On TikTok alone, he boasts a following of over 2.6 million. He also hosts live broadcasts via Twitch and Instagram, gaining attention for his fun and relatable personality.

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Beomhan’s departure from FM Entertainment came at a sensitive time, when fans were already concerned about his safety and well-being after the artist showed signs of struggle during his live broadcasts. In fact, over the past couple of years, the young trainee has endured countless hardships, both online and in the real world.

1. Online vitriol

While his livestreaming brought him widespread recognition, it has also made Beomhan the target of hateful comments on multiple occasions. In 2022, he had to apologize for the comments he made about idols’ dating life during a broadcast. Beomhan stated that he felt that idols should refrain from dating. This belief reiterated the toxic fandom culture that if an idol dates, they are “cheating” or “betraying” fans. It immediately drew in a flood of backlash.

I don’t think idols should be dating because it’s like … even though it’s not like an actual relationship, you have a connection with the fans, and it’s literally like you’re kind of betraying that and going behind their back. Imagine you pay like $200 to go to … an idol’s concert, and that idol pays like $200 buying gifts for like their girlfriend. Don’t you think that’s so messed up? Isn’t that so crazy?

— Beomhan

Later, he apologized through another live broadcast, explaining that he misrepresented his personal views and projected them onto others. Beomhan also added that these beliefs are what he learned during his training to be a K-Pop idol and apologized for his mistake. But fans got concerned when his words turned toward self-hating comments.

And it’s fine, whatever you said about me, I’ve probably already said to myself. If you hate me, and before this incident, you thought you were alone, you’re not because I also hate myself, and I think that’s a common thing here that everyone knows. If you hate me, it’s okay. Whatever mean things you have to say about me, my looks or like whatever, I know and I’ve said it to myself.

— Beomhan

He also faced unwarranted criticism after some netizens alleged that he had gotten plastic surgery after he was formally introduced to the public as a trainee.

2. Hate crime

During a live broadcast in 2022, Beomhan recounted a horrible experience he had near the end of his U.S. tour. He said that he was attacked by a homeless man on the train in New York City, who called him multiple slurs and then tried to choke him, which left a scratch on his neck.

It was like a very in and out operation like he got on at like 34th Street and then he like did his whole rounds, he choked me, then got off on 22 right after. This was planned…He’s very efficient.

He didn’t even go around to the other guys. He just went around, talked to like three people like ‘Yo, look at this guy kind of dressed funny.’ That’s not the word that he used. He’s like, ‘Wow, look at this Chinese guy.’ That’s also not the word he used.

— Beomhan

Fans were concerned about Beomhan’s safety after this incident came to light and even questioned how things could escalate to such levels when he had a staff member traveling with him. FN Entertainment later apologized for not protecting him well enough and promised better precautions from their end moving forward.

3. Unhealthy management

Beomhan has shared some concerning details about his routine lifestyle that pointed to lack of safe management. On multiple occasions, he has claimed that he was starved for consecutive days. He also often talked about his rigorous schedule that left him with almost no sleep for days.


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4. Self-harm

While his honest and brave attitude is one of those qualities that fans love the most about him, some of his candid confessions have been heartbreaking. In the past, Beomhan has opened up to his fans about his struggles with mental health, his visits to the doctor, and even shared about a suicide attempt.

In a more recent Instagram livestream, the artist got raw and honest with fans once again, sharing that he had been in his room for days, and admitting that some of his actions are a “cry for help.” He then gave a trigger warning before showing his arm with self-harm scars.

Um, look. [shows his arm] I’ve been going live with short sleeves this whole time, do I sometimes cry for help? Yes.

Though he later assured fans that it wasn’t their responsibility to “help him,” they couldn’t help but be concerned for his wellbeing.

While all these issues are majorly concerning, fans believe Beomhan has been through even more hardships, including him being strung along as a trainee with a false promise of debuting and his company not doing nearly enough to protect his wellbeing.

We hope that Beomhan will be able to start a new and healthier chapter of his personal and professional life soon.