K-Pop Trainee Beomhan Responds To Plastic Surgery Accusations

He was shocked when a netizen started accusing him.

K-Pop trainee Beomhan responded to plastic surgery accusations.

Beomhan | FM Entertainment

Beomhan is a Chinese-American rapper trainee under FM Entertainment. He is a member of the pre-debut group called M.O.N.T Arena.

While he has not officially made his debut yet, you may already know Beomhan as he did a tour around the United States last year with soloist Jay Chang. They frequented K-Pop festivals and events, working as baristas and servers, as well as performing as part of their Kpop Rookie Trainee Show.

Jay Chang (left) and Beomhan (right).

Lately, they have been back in Korea and recently released a song together titled “THE AWAKENING.”

Beomhan still regularly hosts live broadcasts on social media, such as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch. Additionally, he and Jay have their own individual TikTok accounts, too, often participating in trends.

Even before he blew up on social media, Beomhan faced unwarranted criticism. During a live broadcast, Beomhan recounted a memorable reaction to the announcement of his becoming a trainee at his company. It was surprisingly negative as the netizen accused Beomhan of things he hadn’t done.

…when I was announced as a trainee where someone was like, ‘Oh my God! Beomhan like switched up on us! And like I’m so sick of this Beomhan kid and Beomhan isn’t even his real name; y’all don’t even know that.’

— Beomhan

The netizen accused Beomhan of “changing” and getting plastic surgery since becoming a trainee. They even encouraged others not to support Beomhan.

And this kid got so much plastic surgery now that he got announced as a trainee.’ This was like 2 years ago … ‘I’m tired of him. I hope nobody supports him because all he does, he just gets plastic surgery! And all he does is just switch up on his fans!’

— Beomhan

While Beomhan has thick skin and usually ignores negativity, at the time, Beomhan had much fewer followers. So, it stood out.

 …I was like, ‘Wow, that’s crazy. You’re definitely one of my like 210 followers. That’s crazy. Right?’ And then I like started thinking about it… like that type of stuff doesn’t affect me. Right? But then I was like, ‘How could this person think that I got plastic surgery?’

— Beomhan

Additionally, Beomhan thought the accusations were ridiculous. He couldn’t help but feel hurt and offended.

And I started getting offended … because I was like, ‘If you think that I would get plastic surgery and this would be my end of result? That is offensive to my taste. You think I would get plastic surgery and this is how I would end up?’

— Beomhan

Now, Beomhan has “learned to just not care.” At the time, though, he got defensive.

So, I started pouting. I was like, ‘This is crazy. I never switch up!’ And then like life just goes on, and I’ve learned to just not care, but then I was like, ‘You think this would be my end product?’

— Beomhan

Plastic surgery is not uncommon in South Korea, and some K-Pop idols get it since they are expected to “look their best.” Yet, netizens often use this against them and criticize if their appearance changed “too much” or the work was poorly done. Like Beomhan, Kim Sejeong (also known as Kim Se Jeong) was accused of undergoing plastic surgery early in her career.

Kim Sejeong Was Accused Of Having Plastic Surgery Done And Had The Most Unexpected Response

This wouldn’t be the first time Beomhan has responded to netizens’ criticisms. Read more below.

K-Pop Trainee Beomhan Responds To Criticism After Controversial Statement And Claps Back At Haters

Watch the video clip below.


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