Kim Sejeong Was Accused Of Having Plastic Surgery Done And Had The Most Unexpected Response

She ended up getting caught.

Plastic surgery is relatively common in the K-Pop industry since idols are always supposed to look their best. Unfortunately, while idols may have plastic surgery, they often receive backlash when netizens notice that they changed their appearance or believe that the plastic surgery was poorly done.

Jessi is often praised for her honesty, especially regarding her history of plastic surgery. The idol has frequently talked about the procedures she’s done and directly denied netizens’ other claims.

Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

Former Lovelyz‘s Mijoo also shocked fans when she openly admitted to wanting plastic surgery to help overcome an insecurity.

Mijoo | @queen.chu_s/Instagram

In a recent episode of Turkiyes on the Block, Kim Sejeong (also known as Kim Se Jeong) opened up about netizens’ speculations about her having plastic surgery.

Kim Sejeong | @clean_0828/Instagram

The talented idol and actress first gained her strong fanbase through Mnet‘s Produce 101 and her debut in I.O.I.

Kim Sejeong performing I.O.I’s “Dream Girls” | M2/YouTube 


She later debuted in Gugudan, where she continued to showcase her incredible vocal skills.

Kim Sejeong performing Gugudan’s “Not That Type” | M2/YouTube 

After Gugudan’s disbandment, Kim Sejeong focused on her solo career.

Kim Sejeong performing “Warning” | M2/YouTube

And captivated fans with her incredible acting in K-Dramas like The Uncanny Counter, Business Proposal, and most recently, Today’s Webtoon.

The Uncanny Counter
Business Proposal
Today’s Webtoon

Fans love her upbeat personality and humble attitude.

| @clean_0828/Instagram

And there’s no denying that Kim Sejeong is incredibly stunning, always charming fans with her visuals.

| @clean_0828/Instagram

But before Kim Sejeong appeared on Produce 101, she competed on the show K-Pop Star 2. Although she was talented, some netizens were more focused on her appearance, speculating that she had gotten double eyelid surgery.

Kim Sejeong: I was on K-Pop Star at a young age. I noticed some comments saying that I’m pretty but that I should’ve waited until the swelling went down [from having double eyelid surgery].

Kim Sejeong and Lee Young Jin | STUDIO WAFFLE/YouTube 
Kim Sejeong on K-Pop Star 2

Because Kim Sejeong hadn’t had any plastic surgery done, the comments bothered her.

Kim Sejeong: But they were my natural eyes.

Lee Yong Jin: Oh. You have a bit of fat on your eyelids.

Kim Sejeong: Yes, yes. It was when I still had baby fat.


Since the allegations were false, Kim Sejeong wanted to prove them wrong but “figured no one would believe [her] even if [she] denied it.” So rather than addressing the claims directly, she wrote comments pretending to be a friend.

Kim Sejeong: I was frustrated, but I figured no one would believe me even if I denied it. I wrote, “I’m her friend…”

Lee Yong Jin: You appeared as if you’re a friend. A friend showed up.

Kim Sejeong: I said that I knew her from childhood and that she never got plastic surgery.


Kim Sejeong got “caught” for writing the comments because she felt guilty about pretending to be someone else.

Lee Yong Jin: But they caught you?

Kim Sejeong: Yes.

Lee Yong Jin: Who caught you?

Kim Sejeong: At the time, the comments were suspicious about it being fake. Then I felt so guilty and told them it’s fake. I just felt guilty.


But regardless of any hate the stunning and talented idol has received, her fans are loud in voicing their support.


Kim Sejeong