Here’s Why BTS’s Jimin Is A Good Role-Model, As Explained By Fans

Just a few reasons we can feel good about looking up to him.

BTS‘s Jimin is so loved by fans that they would totally end the universe for him. He’s cute, sweet, and is an absolutely ace role model.

On the community board Quora, fans discuss what makes Jimin a good role model, and the answers are so on the nose that you won’t be able to help but nod in agreement!

1. He Overcomes Hate

Despite any hate he encounters, he works hard and perseveres!

2. He Overcame Body-Image Issues

Jimin has been open about his body-image issues but he overcame them and loves himself the way we all do. 🙂

3. He’s Optimistic

Jimin is a lovely joyful mochi ball that exudes optimism — and by extension, gives fans hope and feelings to optimism as well!

4. He Loves ARMY

While loving ARMY is sweet, it only makes sense for Jimin to love his fans, so how does it make him a good role model? Well, you see, Jimin does this whole-heartedly and purely and does his best to let fans know they are loved and appreciated!

5. He Cares For His Members

Jimin really cares about the other members of BTS and has a genuine friendship with them. Because of this, he is an example to others of what true friendship looks like.

Why do YOU think Jimin is a good role model?

Source: Quora