Here’s Everything BTS Is Scheduled For In March And April

Has a gap been intentionally left by Big Hit?

2019 has already been a very busy year for BTS, from their Oscars appearance to the continuation of their Love Yourself World Tour, BTS has been travelling the world as usual. The boys will continue to be active into March and April, here are all the currently scheduled events for BTS happening in the next couple of months.

1. March 5th – ‘The Notes’ Release

BTS will be making their literary debut on March 5th as their first book ‘The Notes’ is being released on this day. The book advances the story of the BTS Universe through the points of views of each of BTS’s characters.

2. March 9th – Suga’s Birthday

Suga will be celebrating his birthday on March 9th and we’re sure ARMY is going to make it a spectacular affair. Expect some crazy birthday projects and huge billboards being designed.

3. March 20th – Love Yourself in Hong Kong Day 1

BTS will continue their world tour in Hong Kong on March 20th. Every one of BTS’s concerts promises to be an incredible event that no ARMY will ever forget. Hong Kong ARMYs will get to experience the first of a whopping four dates.

4. March 21st – Love Yourself in Hong Kong Day 2

Each of the four concerts will be taking place in the AsiaWorld Expo Arena which seats 16,000.

5. March 22nd – Love Yourself in Hong Kong Day 3

Hong Kong ARMYs are lucky to have so many consecutive dates but this is most likely due to the smaller size of the arena. BTS is making sure that everyone gets a chance to see them.

6. March 23rd – Love Yourself in Hong Kong Day 4

7. April 6th – Love Yourself in Bangkok Day 1

Two weeks after wrapping up their dates in Hong Kong, BTS will be heading to the Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok to bless Thai ARMYs with their performance. The stadium will be seating almost 50,000 ARMYs!

8. April 7th – Love Yourself in Bangkok Day 2

Everyone thought that BTS’s second show in Bangkok would close the curtain on their Love Yourself world tour but we now know they will be performing additional dates during their encore tour, Speak Yourself. That won’t matter to Thai ARMYs though who have waited through the whole world tour for a chance to see BTS!

So that’s it for now. After April, their “Speak Yourself” encore tour starts a month later on May 4th. Many speculate this current gap will be used for the release of their upcoming album. What an exciting time that will be.


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