Here’s An In-Depth Analysis Of How 2NE1’s Line Distributions Changed Over The Course Of Their Career

How did the members’ lines change over time?

2NE1 may be disbanded, but the group is still in the hearts of many fans who listen to their music and think fondly of the days when they were still together. All of the members were so talented in their own ways, they could each individually rock a stage, and when they performed together, there was nothing like it! We’ve looked before at how the girls’ line distributions varied over their 18 main singles, but the graphs below look at the data in a different light. By collecting the information in this way, fans can see how each member’s lines increased, decreased, varied, or stayed the same overall over the course of their discography. Check them out below to see if there are any noticeable trends!

1. Dara

With 16.2% of the total lines, Dara actually had the least total amount of lines in the group. She was the vocalist, sub-rapper and visual, so without any main or lead roles, it makes sense why she wouldn’t have as many lines as the other members. Looking at her line evolution, too, it looks like she has a slight downward trend from the group’s debut until their disbandment, though there was also a lot of variation in her lines, so it’s hard to tell for sure. She was undoubtedly talented, though, so hopefully she felt like she had enough time to show off her skills!

2. CL

CL had, by far, the most lines in the group, with 37.4% of the total, over a third of all of their lines. Her positions included leader, main rapper, lead dancer, lead vocalist, and face of the group, so it’s not too surprising how many lines she was given! It does seem a little unfair, looking back at how many songs she had almost or over half of the lines in, but she was known as one of the most talented idols of her generation for a reason. She doesn’t have too clear of an upward or downward trend in her lines over time, though she also had a lot of variation, especially given the songs she had such a high amount of lines in.

3. Park Bom

Park Bom had the second most lines in 2NE1, with 25.9% of the total. She was just listed as the main vocalist, but main vocalists tend to get a fair chunk of lines in K-Pop groups, so her quarter amount of their total lines is well-deserved, especially given her talent. Like CL, it’s hard to tell if she had an increase or decrease over time from debut until disbandment, though she changed a lot between being in the 30%s and the 10%s or lower 20%s.

4. Minzy

With 20.5% of the total lines, Minzy had the 2nd least amount total in the group. She was the main dancer, lead vocalist, lead rapper, and maknae, and although having two lead vocal roles probably should have given her more lines than it did, she was also known to be an extremely skilled dancer, which was where her focus usually was. Her lines were fairly constant closer to the beginning of their debut, but after “Lonely” they began to vary a lot more, again without a clear upward or downward trend. A lot of fans think she didn’t get as much time to shine as she deserved, so at least she’s able to now as a solo artist.