Here’s A Look At Girls’ Generation’s Line Distribution Evolution Over Their 17 Main Singles

Did the girls all get the same amount of lines over time, or was there evidence of bias?

Girls’ Generation’s days as a 9-member group may be over, but that doesn’t make their full-group careers any less legendary. They had an extensive discography during their active years, and with 9 members, do you wonder how evenly their lines were distributed throughout them? Here’s a look at 17 of Girls’ Generation’s main singles and the percentage of lines that each member had per song, as well as their line percentage in total.

1. “Into the New World”

2. “Kissing You”

3. “Gee”

4. “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”

5. “Oh!”

6. “Run Devil Run”

7. “Hoot”

8. “The Boys”

9. “Dancing Queen”

10. “I Got A Boy”

11. “Mr. Mr.”

12. “Catch Me If You Can”

13. “Party”

14. “Lion Heart”

15. “You Think”

16. “All Night”

17. “Holiday”


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