Here’s A Look At How (Un)Fair BIGBANG’s Line Distribution Has Been From Their 20 Main Singles

They may not be an active group anymore, but were their line distributions even when they were?

This is the latest in a long series of lists gathering data about the line distributions of different K-Pop groups in order to determine how fair they are. BIGBANG was once a group of 5 talented artists, so did their line distributions show it? Here are 20 of their main singles with the percentage of lines that each member had, as well as a final graph of each member’s line percentage from all 20 songs combined.

1. “La La La”

2. “Lies”

3. “Last Farewell”

4. “Haru Haru”

5. “Tonight”

6. “Love Song”

7. “Blue”

8. “Bad Boy”

9. “Fantastic Baby”

10. “Monster”

11. “Loser”

12. “Bae Bae”

13. “Bang Bang Bang”

14. “We Like 2 Party”

15. “If You”

16. “Sober”

17. “Let’s Not Fall In Love”

18. “Fxxk It”

19. “Last Dance”

20. “Flower Road”