Here’s Why Each Member Of EXO Is Absolutely Precious In Their Own Special Way

“Let’s rely on each other, let’s not fight, and I wish we could last until the end happily. I love you.” — Sehun

1. Xiumin

Xiumin can be so cute sometimes that he’s mistaken as the maknae.


No matter how much his younger members tease him, he always has a smile on his face.


This is because he takes his role as the oldest member very seriously and performs it very well.

Like a good older brother, he takes on a lot of burden and responsibilities in order to take care of his younger brothers.

Xiumin does what needs to be done for the sake of his members and fans.


2. Suho

Suho trained for 7 years before he debuted as the leader of EXO.

Despite feeling discouraged when his fellow trainees Jonghyun and Taemin debuted first, he continued to work hard.

This is one of the reasons he was so emotional when EXO won number one first the first time.


The members have chosen Suho as the member who has remained unchanged since debut.

“When we were trainees, we didn’t have that good of a relationship. But now, when I have a concern or have a lot of thoughts — he tends to listen to me or give me advice. Since he’s the same from when we first met, I trust him more.” — Chanyeol


Even when it comes to being funny, he works very hard to deliver those dad jokes we all know and love.


3. Lay

There is no doubt that Lay has an extremely accomplished solo career as a singer, songwriter, variety show cast member, host, and actor.

He was even casted as the Nation’s Producer and host for Idol Producer, a recognition of his popularity & success in China.


Even when he is busy in China, he always has the EXO members and EXO-L on his mind.

At the end of his solo album show case last year, he bowed to the fans for 2 minutes while playing “Promise” in the background — EXO’s fan song that he wrote the Chinese lyrics to.


Not only is Zhang Yixing extremely caring, passionate, and hard-working — he has a hilarious & mischievous personality that he has maintained despite all the hardships he has been through.


4. Baekhyun

Baekhyun’s can be super silly and adorable at times!


He’s got a little bit of a kick to him too.

When haters started accusing them of lip-syncing during year-end shows, he kept yelling adlibs during their next performance to prove them wrong.


Furthermore, Baekhyun isn’t afraid to speak up to protect the people he loves — especially EXO-L and the other EXO members



When EXO won “Album of The Year” at MAMA but not “Artist of the Year”, Baekhyun stepped up to the mic to comfort EXO-L.

“EXO-L, don’t cry! We got a big award so don’t cry everyone, okay? See you again next year! Sleep well, you can rest now.”

This proves he’s fiercely loyal and proud of everything EXO and EXO-L have built together.


5. Chen

Chen is definetly known for his powerful voice, whether he’s whining up a storm or conquering sky-high notes.


But, he’s got another nickname amongst fans — “Kim Da-jung” meaning he’s so warm-hearted and affectionate it should be his name.


Chen is a natural caretaker and is always looking out for those around him, like when Chen comforted Kai knowing Kai was upset due to being injured during their concert.

He even gave out heat packs to the “ghosts” when he went through a haunted house, because they were filming in the winter.

Chen is truly an angel.


6. Chanyeol

Chanyeol’s perfect face & jaw-dropping proportions usually having people falling for him at first sight.


Rather than becoming an idol for his looks though, Chanyeol is deeply passionate about music.

He plays multiple instruments, has registered s a music producer under the pen name “LOEY” with the Korea Music Copyright Association, and loves to do covers!


Rather than through words, Chanyeol shows his love through actions. 

Like when he bough all the members a laptop so they could all play games together.

He even got a tattoo saying “L-1485” signifying EXO-L’s birthday, so that they would be part of him forever.

Although he may not express it in words, Chanyeol shows his passion through his lovely music and meaningful actions.


7. D.O.

Many joke around and call D.O. “Satansoo” because he has the tendency to get rough with members and has astigmatism that causes him to “glare” to see better.


But, it’s all jokes and fun because he is always super supportive of the other members.

He’s like a soccer mom — there for every musical, movie premiere and sends food when the members have filming.

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D.O. loves to have a little fun but he always treats everyone around him politely and sincerely.

D.O. never fails to promise to become a “more polite” person in his award acceptance speeches, because being polite is so important to him & how he treats others. That’s why everyone he works with becomes his fan!


8. Kai

Kai is devastatingly cool and charismatic on stage.

Everyone knows how hard Kai works behind the scenes to be so captivating when he performs.


Off the stage, he can be the softest person — especially with his puppies, playing with his niece and nephew, or hanging out with his crew.

His soft demeanour and sleepy eyes caused fans to refer to him as a teddy bear.


Kai is very in-tune with his emotions, as he isn’t ashamed to express when he is sad or happy to the fans.

He often uses pretty words he picked up from books to express his feelings as well.


9. Sehun

As the youngest member, Sehun has a playful personality and fulfills the maknae on top position well.


Despite this, Sehun has been chosen by the members for being the reason why they managed to make it this long.

“We talk often about the things we don’t agree with each other…we try to resolve things by talking to each other and Sehun is at the centre of that. He’s very intuitive and forces us to talk to each other.” — EXO


No matter how much he jokes around with his hyungs and the fans, he cares deeply for all of them.

Before I go to sleep, I pray. Let’s rely on each other, let’s not fight, and I wish we could last until the end happily. I love you.

— Sehun