Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS In “Run BTS!” X “The Game Caterers”

RM was the only one with some pieces that one might deem affordable.

BTS recently worked with producer Na Young Suk for the Run BTS! collaboration special with tvN‘s The Game Caterers. Each member wore their own unique outfit for their day of fun and games. Their outfit’s pricetags were, however, no joke!

Here’s how much it costs to dress like each member:

1. RM

BTS’s leader wore an artsy collegiate lineage painted button-up from BODE for around $550 USD. His black MACK BARRY bucket hat and Jack Purcell Converse shoes were some of the most affordable items in this entire listing. They were $34 USD and $50 respectively.

RM | @Bangtan_Style07 & Run BTS! & BODE & MACK BARRY & Converse

RM’s wide-legged jeans from INSTANTFUNK are approximately $133 USD. Similar jeans from the brand can cost $160 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07 & Run BTS! & INSTANTFUNK

2. Suga

Suga returned in this episode, looking better than ever! He wore a unisex linen crewneck sweater with an embroidered face on it. From the Seoul-based fashion label Andersson Bell, it costs $231 USD.

Suga | @Bangtan_Style07 & Run BTS! & Andersson Bell & AMI

Suga’s low platform sneakers are from AMI. Their cost can range from $415 to $520 USD.


3. Jin

Worldwide Handsome, Jin, wore a classy embroidered bomber jacket from New York City-based brand Thom Browne‘s menswear. This smart casual jacket is sold out but ranged in cost from $2,900 to as high as $3,393 USD.

Jin | @Bangtan_Style07 & Run BTS! & Thom Browne & Louis Vuitton

Jin’s iridescent prism slide slippers are from Louis Vuitton, which he is now officially an ambassador for. They can be found for as low as $400 (if you buy secondhand); however, $720 USD is more common. Similar shoes from the brand can be as expensive as $1,000 USD!

| Louis Vuitton

4. J-Hope

Our sunshine, J-Hope, wore a fun, colorful hoodie that perfectly matches his personality! The burning head tie-dye hoodie from Palm Angels costs $1,190 USD.

J-Hope | Run BTS!

His Gucci distressed denim jeans are approximately $790 USD. Eytys‘s Odessa sneakers can be found for $250 USD.

| @Bangtan_Style07 & Run BTS! & Palm Angels & Gucci & Eytys

5. Jimin

Jimin’s purple floral print hoodie is from MARNI for around $500 USD. His Zadig&Voltaire T-shirt is $108 USD, and his HANNA necklace is $75 USD.

Jimin | @Bangtan_Style07 & Run BTS! & MARNI & Zadig&Voltaire & HANNA

6. V

Fashion king V kept his outfit minimalistic, but his Saint Laurent low-top sneakers were eye-catching. So is its price tag of approximately $560 USD!

V | @Bangtan_Style07 & Run BTS! & Saint Laurent

7. Jungkook

Jungkook looked especially cute in a black beanie and flannel shirt! His oversized logo-appliqued checkered flannel button-up shirt from Off-White costs around $595 USD.

Jungkook | @Bangtan_Style07 & Run BTS! & Off-White & Balenciaga

Similar designs from the brand can be as much as $1,000 USD! His chunky Balenciaga Triple S sneakers are approximately $975 USD but other designs cost $1,050 USD.

| Balenciaga

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