Here’s One Of The Biggest Problems In K-Pop That Needs To Stop Happening

Reasons 1 and 2 will break your heart.

The life of a K-Pop idol is quite stressful, as there are many aspects of the K-Pop industry that are just terrible. One of the worst things idols have do deal with is malicious comments, especially ones regarding their visuals. Here are a few reasons why netizens need to stop leaving these kinds of comments.

1. The mental health of idols

Many idols in the past have spoken on how they’ve personally been hurt due to some netizens leaving malicious comments about their visuals. MAMAMOO‘s Solar was once captured bare faced at the airport.

Many netizens left malicious comments bashing Solar’s visuals. While Solar tried to laugh off a lot of the malicious comments, she couldn’t help but feel hurt by them.

“I was honestly hurt, and I was surprised by the photo.”

— Solar

GFRIEND‘s Umji is another idol who has been targeted by many netizens for several years. It got to the point where Umji seemingly hid her face during performances and even avoided looking into crowds.

2. Potentially hurting other people

While idols are the ones who receive the bulk of the pain from these comments, there are also plenty of other people who get hurt from these kinds of comments. ITZY Chaeryeong‘s mother even once pleaded to netizens to stop leaving malicious comments about her daughter.

“It’s very easy for you to say hurtful things about Chaeryoung. She is a kid that just debuted, she is a person I treasure more than anyone. Even if you guys don’t find her pretty, you don’t have to leave hurtful comments on every article and video without hesitation. If she did anything that is bad then it’s fair to judge her. However, all you guys are doing is pointing at the appearance of a 19-year-old girl. Everyone has their own charms and everyone has their own preferences. It’s so sad and hurtful to see my innocent and precious daughter get scolded for her appearance. Chaeryeong is a kind and well-mannered child. Please look after her, you don’t have to be nice to her but please don’t be hurtful. Please”.

— Chaeryeong’s mother

3. Idols start taking extreme actions

Sometimes these malicious comments can cause idols to start taking extreme actions. Gugudan‘s Mina was someone who was harshly criticized by a lot of netizens for being “overweight’.

This caused her to attempt a dangerous starvation diet in hopes of losing weight.

Oh My Girl‘s Hyojung is another idol who lost a large amount of weight in a short time due to malicious comments.

4. Encouraging plastic surgery

While there’s nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery, some idols get or consider plastic surgery solely due to malicious comments about their looks.