Here’s The Story Of How These 5 Korean Celebrity Couples Got Together

Number 3’s story will warm your hearts.

Many married Korean celebrity couples have gone to share a little on how they got together. While nonmarried couples might be a little more hesitant about revealing their private lives, some have gone on to share how they met. Here’s the story of how these 5 nonmarried Korean celebrity couples got together.

1. Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation) & Jung Kyung Ho

Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho have been dating for nearly a decade, and the start of their relationship was quite a simple one. The two were introduced to each other by a mutual friend.

While the two met naturally through the mutual friend, Jung Kyung Ho was seemingly captivated by Sooyoung from the moment he met her.

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2. Jung So Min & Lee Joon

The List took a brief look at the history between Lee Joon and Jung So Min’s relationship. They found that the two originally met when they were castmates on the K-Drama My Father is Strange.

The two weren’t originally close to each other but started to bond when they realized they had an insane amount of similarities with each other.

After some time, the two started to get extremely close with each other and bonded throughout the filming of My Father is Strange.

The two soon developed feelings for each other, and publically announced their relationship.

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3. HyunA & Dawn

HyunA and Dawn have always been open about their relationship. During an episode of Knowing Brothers, HyunA coolly revealed that she was the one who liked Dawn first.

Dawn originally didn’t believe any signs that HyunA had feelings for him, as he was just a trainee at the time.

Even when HyunA confessed her feelings, Dawn didn’t know how to react.

Though, Dawn originally didn’t have any feelings for HyunA. It wasn’t until he saw how caring she was that he fell for her.

The two naturally developed their relationship when they started to realize how much they had in common.

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4. SE7EN & Lee Da Hae

Lee Da Hae and SE7EN knew each other a little from a mutual friend but were never that close with each other.

It wasn’t until the two were alone that Lee Da Hae was charmed by SE7EN.

They eventually started to open up to each other and became closer with time. The two started dating when they realized that they were always there for each other during hard times.

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5. Jo Byung Gyu & Kim Bo Ra

These two aren’t very vocal about their relationship, but they naturally developed their relationship during their time as castmates on SKY Castle.

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