10+ Funniest BTS In The Military Tweets To Cope With The News

Humor is the best coping mechanism.

On October 17, BIGHIT MUSIC announced BTS‘s enlistment. They revealed that Jin would be canceling his request to delay his mandatory service and that the rest of the members will enlist afterward in order of age.

While ARMYs are sad about the news, many are using humor as a coping mechanism. One way is by imagining BTS in the military based on their personalities. Check out 10+ of the funniest tweets below.

1. BTS enlisting together like…

2. Bet this is Jin’s Instagram caption when he uploads a photo of his shaved head

3. Just because you’re in the military doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice fashion.

4. Jimin will be serving in more ways than one.

5. RJ goes with Jin everywhere.

6. J-Hope is going to teach them a thing or two…

7. Lieutenant Lil Meow Meow

8. Jungkook has years of experience.

9. RM can lead any army.

10. On the bright side…

11. Time to live our best K-Drama lives.

12. The military is about to get a lot more fun and chaotic.

Check out more ARMY reactions below.

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