Hit Or Miss: Boy Group Concepts That Created A Buzz

We did the girls and now it’s the boys turn. Let’s see the craziest concepts boy groups have tried!

The girls had their turn and now it’s time for the boys. Let’s take a look at the different concepts that our favorite K-Pop boy groups have tried!


Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby”

Starting off our list is veteran boy group Big Bang. Big Bang came out with their hit “Fantastic Baby” back in 2012 and it created a lot of emotions. From the wild hairstyles to the interesting outfits, fans were confused as to what concept they were going for.


The song itself was a massive hit as it charted number 1 and won awards. However, from G-Dragon’s long one sided hairstyle to the strange usage of oxygen masks, the theme of the song was unclear. The vibrant colors of the outfits and accessories may have worked with the overall chaos but most of the time, it all clashed. While the song may have been a huge hit, the concept of the song is unfortunately a miss.


VIXX’s Robot

| Jellyfish Entertainment

This is a new take on the futuristic theme that some groups have tried out. VIXX’s song “Error” portrays the guys as literal cyborgs in their music video. Going along with a sad storyline, the members of VIXX are decked out in their cyborg theme makeup and costumes. If you think their commitment ends there, think again because you can catch the cyborg theme in their choreography as well.

This song charted first place a few times on different music shows which makes it clear that fans were impressed by the song. With their cool moves and funky makeup, it seems like this was an overall hit by most!


SHINee’s Sherlock

| SM Entertainment

It’s so fun to see boy groups try new concepts and this was a well executed one. SHINee’s “Sherlock” grabbed inspiration from, you guessed it, the Sherlock Holmes era. They nailed it from the costumes to the small accessory details. The boys can be seen wear tailored newsboy vests, suspenders, and small circular glasses to really capture the full concept of Sherlock Holmes.

While the song and choreography may not reflect the Sherlock concept, the song itself was still a massive hit. Fans and netizens agreed that this was a very catchy song as it charted number 1 and won numerous awards. All of that paired with a fun concept that hadn’t really been done before naturally makes this one a hit.


Block B’s Circus Theme

| Stone Music Entertainment

Block B is no stranger to funky concepts as they are known to think outside the box. Their song “Jackpot” was no exception as they embodied a circus theme. The music video takes place at a creepy circus and the members of Block B can be seen wearing different circus appropriate outfits. From their vibrant colored suits to ringmaster costumes, they executed this concept perfectly.

They also paired this concept with a fun dance as well as, as they always do. The fun choreography would be nothing without some expressive facial expressions done by the members. Although initially, fans and netizens were slightly confused by the theme, Block B proved that if done right, any concept can be well done. With all that said, I think it’s safe to say that this concept was a hit.


TVXQ Animal Onesies

While K-Pop fans may be used to boy groups doing more masculine concepts, TVXQ is here to remind you that guys can be cute too. The members of the old TVXQ line-up came out with a remake of song “Balloons” and to everyone’s surprise, it came with an over the top cutesy concept. Fans and netizens alike were used to a more manly version of the TVXQ members so you can imagine their surprise when they came out donned in fuzzy animal onesies and cute dance moves!

With the oversized gloves to the ear headbands, they really committed to this concept. They didn’t let fans down on stage as they also had adorable facial expressions to go with the overall theme of this song. I can’t speak on behalf of the members but I know for a fact that everyone nation wide went wild for this concept so this was an absolute hit!