10 Ho Anthems To Empower Your Inner Goddess For Valentine’s Day

Live your best lives and empower your inner goddess!

Let us start off by saying that there is no shame is jamming out to ho anthems, or, even being about that life. You do you, friend—there’s nothing wrong with living your best life! While a good ho anthem is enjoyable to listen to year-round, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, we thought we’d share some of our favorite bops to empower your inner goddess. 💪

1. “Hello Bitches” – CL

Source: 2NE1/YouTube

“Hello Bitches”, like all good ho anthems, will make you want to get up and dance. With empowering lyrics that are distinctly disapproving of yellow fever, such as “Want me to love them long time/And I tell em NO“, coupled with lines like “Lights out killing it some more/Bad bitches get down on the floor“, “Hello Bitches” is an all-kill when it comes to setting your inner goddess free.

2. “Lip & Hip” – HyunA

Source: 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube

HyunA‘s music is usually pretty controversial, if for no other reason than that the beautiful, talented singer chooses to be 100% authentic to who she is. If that isn’t inspiring enough, the lines “Today, I’m the queen queen queen/Just standing next to me makes you the king king king” from “Lip & Hip” will make you feel like the most incredible invention since kimchi. (And, as MAMAMOO‘s Solar will tell you, there’s really nothing better than kimchi!)

3. “Trouble Maker” – Trouble Maker

Source: Trouble Maker (Official YouTube Channel)

Trouble Maker is a group that is composed of Hyunseung and HyunA. The music video and its live performances are sexy AF, and with lyrics like “My sexy walk will be inside your head/My secret skinship shows in your face that you can’t take it anymore,” your inner goddess will be strutting its stuff!

4. “Who Dat B” – Jessi

Like her labelmate HyunA, Jessi is 100% authentically her. What you see is definitely what you get, and what’s not to like about that? Jessi, as a person and as an artist, is an inspiration to anyone who strives to be true to themselves and live their best lives. “Who Dat B” was her first song released with Psy‘s label, P Nation and not only is it a total bop, but the lyrics are relatable AF with cut-you-to-the-core, straight-forward lines like “Gossip gossip, they believe in gossip like that’s all they know/Can’t please everybody, if I may you feel uncomfortable, okay I’ll be that bitch“.

5. “Touch my body” – SISTAR

Source: starshipTV/YouTube

“Touch My Body” by SISTAR has a feel-good, bubble gum pop vibe to it, but with lyrics that put the woman in control, it is undeniably an empowering track.

6. “Ma Boy” – SISTAR19

Source: starshipTV/YouTube

SISTAR19’s track “Ma Boy” has it all—including an MV with visuals that are sexy AF. Lyrics that call a boy out on his bad behavior and the promise of leaving if he doesn’t start treating her right. This song encourages you to know your worth, which is sure to make your inner goddess dance with joy… and maybe even do one of their iconic body rolls.

7. “Siren” – Sunmi

Source: 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube

“Siren” has total maneater vibes. From “That the moment you take this hand, it’ll be dangerous” to “Get away out of my face“, “Siren” will have you feeling like the strong, bad b*tch you are!

8. “gogobebe” – MAMAMOO

Source: 1theK (원더케이)/YouTube

MAMAMOO‘s “gogobebe” is a song that encourages you to shamelessly have fun—seriously! The lyrics “shamelessly have fun/enjoy like crazy/I don’t need right and wrong” are just the thing your inner goddess needs to hear—at least every once in a while! Let loose and have fun!

9. “DR Feel Good” – Rania

Source: Buttonpushers/YouTube

Like SISTAR’s “Touch My Body”, Rania‘s “DR Feel Good” puts the power in the woman’s hands, encouraging her lover to make her feel good. 😎

10. “Abracadabra” – Brown Eyed Girls

Source: Brown Eyed Girls/YouTube

A song with a heavy electronic influence, “Abracadabra” is one of those tracks that not only makes you get up and dance, but it’s lyrics cut right to the core with “I used to be nice, soft and tender/but if I keep going crazy like this/you’ll change me into something bad” and “I control you, I’m am the emperor” it uplifts people into being stronger versions of themselves.

While all these songs have a very different sound that is unique to their performer, the underlying messages, along with the visuals in the videos, are empowering for everyone’s inner goddess! So, get out there and live your best lives! 🙌

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