These Idol Groups Turn 7 Years Old Next Year… And Will Smash K-Pop’s Infamous “7 Year Curse”

Oh yes, they will!

If you’ve been around long enough, then you know this: In the world of K-Pop, that undeniable force called the “7 Year Curse” exists. Many of our beloved idol groups have fallen victim to this inexplicable spell — announcing their disbandments as their contracts expire in their 7th year together.

For these 6 groups, however, K-Pop fans believe the curse will stand no chance. While 2021 does mark the dreaded 7th year, these idols have come too far and have grown too close to say goodbye just yet. Will they smash the “7 Year Curse” for once and for all? Oh yes. Yes, they will.

1. Red Velvet

Oh please. There are one too many concepts we have not seen on Red Velvet yet. And until we’ve seen them all, no curse can take these beauties away!

2. GOT7

The brotherhood is strong for GOT7. Plus, 7 is a lucky number for these boys. They’re about to turn the “7 Year Curse” into “7 Year Bliss”.


MAMAMOO know exactly what they’re doing and where they’re going. And there are plenty of things these divas want to achieve in their careers. Smashing the curse is definitely one of them.


With Jinu and Hoony off to serve their military duties, WINNER are separated by force for the time being. But that only means one thing: The bond is even stronger than before!

5. Lovelyz

Lovelyz are all about that harmony. And together, these queens will singsong right through their 7th year — straight into their 8th, 10th, 15th and more!


LABOUM may have lost a member over the years but you know, like the saying goes, what doesn’t break them makes them stronger. Through the hardships, they have solidified — so the curse can try, but they won’t be shaken!

Source: THEQOO