5 Idols Who Want To Be The CEO Of Their Companies (And Could Probably Do A Better Job!)

The companies would definitely be in good hands.

Being the CEO of a K-Pop company is a lot of hard work, but these idols are definitely up to the task. The five stars below have expressed their interest in becoming CEOs of their agencies — and fans believe they could do an even better job!

1. BTS’s Jin

BTS’s “Worldwide Handsome” member has mentioned his desire for the position multiple times. At one point, he even took over the company’s website and renamed it “JinHit Entertainment”.

Remember. 8:10pm. The time that ‘JinHit Entertainment’ was created and disappeared.

— Jin

Jin also listed being on BigHit Music‘s board of directors as his life’s goal back in BTS’s 2017 Festa. That goal turned into reality in September of 2020 when BTS became official shareholders of their agency, each acquiring 68,385 shares amounting to a minimum of $7.7 million.

| BigHit Music

This development brought Jin closer than ever to becoming CEO. We hope to see the official birth of “JinHit Entertainment” soon!

| BigHit Music

2. EXO’s Suho

Likewise, EXO‘s Suho has also shown his liking for the position. The leader even introduced himself as the “Future Director of SM” during KBS‘s 2018 Gayo Daechukje — which made his fellow members and Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon erupt in laughter.

EXO-Ls love the idea of Suho becoming a director in the future so much that they even mentioned it during a conference he and SM Entertainment founder Lee Sooman attended at Stanford University.

| @StanfordSAPARC/Twitter

One of the fans who had questions for the pair referred to Suho as the “future CEO of SM“. This seemingly flustered the idol, who hilariously responded asking the fan to call him “anything” but that, while pointing toward Lee Sooman.

Suho’s leadership skills in EXO prove he could definitely be a great future CEO of SM Entertainment, so backing him and EXO-Ls on this dream is only right.

3. SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups

From one leader to another, S.Coups has also publicly supported his fans’ “Next Pledis CEO” agenda. One determined Carat delivered the message on a banner during SEVENTEEN‘s Be The Sun concert in Bangkok in October of last year, sparking a reaction from S.Coups.

| @Stunning_COUPS/Twitter

As soon as S.Coups (also known as Seungcheol) spotted the banner, which listed his name next to Han Sung Soo (PLEDIS Entertainment‘s founder and CEO) and Kim Yeon Soo (PLEDIS Entertainment’s Vice President), he immediately showed it off to his group mates.

He showed it to Hoshi, then proceeded toward Jeonghan

… and lastly Mingyu. The latter decided to support S.Coups’s agenda and raised the banner as high as he could!

From all this video evidence, it’s only right to assume that S.Coups and his SEVENTEEN members are also behind the fans’ movement to make him the next CEO of Pledis Entertainment.

4. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

The race for SM Entertainment’s future CEO seems to be on, as alongside Suho, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi has also expressed her desire to take over the company.

When asked who she thinks would be the next SM director among Red Velvet members, Seulgi suggested herself, explaining that she’s always the first one to say “I’m going to be the director.”

| @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

Seulgi’s fellow bandmate, Wendy, was also asked if she wanted to be SM Entertainment’s director. Wendy declined, saying that the goal is Seulgi’s, not hers.

Fans, however, seem more eager to see Seulgi start her own company rather than take over SM Entertainment — ReVeluvs have had their fair share of frustrations with the group’s agency.

5. LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon

Even though Chaewon only recently debuted under Source Music as a member of LE SSERAFIM, she already has great ambitions. The group’s leader expressed her interest in the position during a fan interaction on Weverse.

| Source Music

When a fan of the group uploaded a post saying “I’ll keep rooting for Kim Chaewon until she becomes the CEO of Source Music,” Chaewon soon replied with, “Until the day I am reborn as So Chaewon.”

| Weverse

What makes Chaewon’s reply funnier is the fact that she referred to herself as “So” Chaewon. Fans think it likely was a nod to Source Music’s current CEO So Sung Jin.

No matter how long it may take, we will be there to support Chaewon if she decides to follow the path of becoming the next CEO.

| @_chaechae_1/Instagram