Wait Until You See Which Characters These 7 Idols Are Obsessed With

#2 has a lifelong dedication and it’s adorable.

These idols are known for their love for their favorite cartoon characters. Whether they collect the merchandise or wear the clothes, they are adorably obsessed. We are totally okay with this because watching their obsessions bring them joy makes us equally as happy!

1. Suga (BTS) – Kumamon

Suga‘s love for Kumamon is so evident, fans often bring him plushies and other memorabilia during fansigns.

His excitement while meeting Kumamon shows the joy the character brings him.

2. Bobby (iKON) – Winnie the Pooh

Bobby has loved Winnie the Pooh since he was young and still sleeps with his old plushie to this day.

Throughout the years, he still holds it near and dear to his heart.

3. J-Hope (BTS) – Snoopy

J-Hope has a serious love for all things KAWS, so when the KAWS x Peanuts collaboration happened, he was all over it.

He’s often seen wearing the merchandise or attending the KAWS exhibits.

Fans have even noticed his room was covered in Snoopy plushies and continue to bring them to him at fansigns.

4. RM (BTS) – Ryan

RM has been vocal about his Ryan obsession for years and admits he loves collecting the merchandise.

He confessed to spending some time in the Kakao Cafe where he can relax and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere.

His room is every Ryan collector’s dream.

5. Heize – Olaf

Heize‘s obsession with Olaf of Frozen runs deep.

Known for her obsession, her fans spoil her with Olaf gifts. She loves to collect merch and display it proudly.

6. Jin (BTS) – Mario

Jin loves none other than the plumber rocking a red hat and mustache: Super Mario!

His room looks more like a museum of Super Mario action figures, plushies, and more!

Jin represents that feeling when Mario is life.

7. Chanyeol (EXO) – Rilakkuma

Chanyeol‘s obsession with Rilakkuma is precious.

He even brings the plushies with him on tour to feel less lonely!