6 Idols Brave Enough To Try The Crazy Half-Dyed Hair Trend

Only certain people can pull off this look!

We are used to seeing idols with crazy hair colors, but what about the half-and-half look? These idols went bold and chose a different color for each side of their head.

1. V (BTS)

During “Idol” era, V sported a half-salmon half-platinum ‘do. It complimented the bright aesthetics of the music video shoot!


2. Jungkook (BTS)

Following his fellow BTS member, Jungkook spontaneously decided to dye his own hair half-magenta half-blonde!


The process was captured during BTS Bon Voyage Season 3 and left fans giggling.

3. Bobby (iKON)

Charismatic rapper Bobby went bold by choosing black and platinum blonde as his two colors. Think Cruella de Vil, but cuter.


4. Nakyung (fromis_9)

Nakyung‘s choice of dusty pink and gray-ish lavender is totally iconic. These pastel colors work well together!


5. G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Trendsetter G-Dragon is no stranger to unique hairstyles. He has pulled off multiple looks, including blonde and black…

…as well as pink and black!

6. Changjo (Teen Top)

Changjo is color-coordinated from his red and black hairdo to his red and black suit. Sooo hot!