5 Idols Who Personally Reached Out To Fans Struggling With Depression

They helped these fans see the light in their darkest hours.

World Mental Health Day is a day for global mental health education, awareness, and advocacy against social stigmas associated with mental health conditions. In honor of this day, here are 5 idols who personally reached out to fans struggling with depression.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression and/or suicidal thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact mental health helplines, such as the American National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255).


1. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

Moonbyul has always been like a caring sister to her fans in need, and she proved it once again when she reached out to a suicidal fan online. After the fan left a message in MAMAMOO’s official fan cafe that talked about how she was losing the will to live, Moonbyul replied with this personal letter.

Moonbyul wanted this fan to strive for happiness, not just for the loved ones who would miss her, but for herself. Moonbyul ended the letter by telling her fan that “a greater joy is attainable because of the sadness”, and she encouraged her to stay strong.



T.O.P has been known to personally reply to fans on his Instagram account, often in amusing ways, but one time T.O.P’s comment to one fan ended up helping another fan, who had been contemplating suicide.

It all started when one fan commented on this post of a flower. This fan wrote, “Why do you like this flower? It’s a flower that’ll wither soon”. T.O.P replied with, “That sentiment is wrong”. This brief comment ended up touching the heart of a second fan, who had been having suicidal thoughts.

“Although I’m not the one who received your reply, when I saw oppa’s comment of ”that sentiment is wrong” to the person asking why you’d like a flower that will soon wither, I felt moved. Until only a few hours ago, I was also thinking bad thoughts to the point of contemplating something extreme… I’m always cheered up because of oppa. I’m really thankful… Oppa doesn’t just make people happy, but he’s a person who moves people’s hearts.” — T.O.P fan


3. Chanyeol (EXO)

On an episode of SBS‘s Same Bed, Different Dreams, a young EXO-L revealed that she began suffering from loneliness depression because her parents did not have time for her, because they were too busy caring for her chronically ill sister. As a result, this fan confessed that she had attempted to hurt herself, until she found security and a sense of belonging in the EXO fandom.

The girl’s mother had not approved of her daughter’s EXO obsession, prior to coming on the show. When the fan revealed how EXO had helped her overcome her mental health struggles, her mother broke down in tears. Chanyeol helped both the fan and her mother by making a personal connection with them when he appeared on the show as a surprise guest.


4. Ailee

When a fan left suicidal comments on Ailee’s Instagram, Ailee personally responded with messages of comfort and hope.

A fan of Ailee stated that she hurt herself because of the pain in her life she did not know how to escape.

Ailee replied sympathetically to this fan, stating that life can be painful sometimes, and left practical suggestions to encourage her.

The fan then replied to Ailee’s comment, expressing that she admires Ailee very much and that listening to Ailee’s music always helps her feel better.

Ailee told her fan not to give up on living, and shared her own personal struggles to prove that, in time, life does get better.


5. Key (SHINee)

In 2014, Key commented on a fan’s Instagram who was publicly harming herself, asking her to stop. He shared a tidbit from his own personal experience and promised the fan that he would be with her through her struggle.

Key’s act of kindness gave this fan the strength she needed to continue fighting her depression. One year after Key left his comment on her post, she posted an update thanking Key and the SHINee community for continuing to help her on her road to recovery.