13 Of The Most Infuriating “World Of The Married” Moments (So Far)

These maddening twists and betrayals made viewers want to scream.

Spoiler Alert

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The World of the Married is an R-Rated K-Drama about Ji Sun Woo, a wronged wife who will go to any lengths to bring down her cheating husband (Lee Tae Oh), his mistress (Yeo Da Kyung), and anyone else who stands in her way. The show is rife with betrayals and twists, including these 13 infuriating moments. Try not to rip your hair out!

1. When Sun Woo found out that everyone in her life hid Tae Oh’s affair from her

Sun Woo finally found proof of Tae Oh’s affair at the birthday party she planned in his honor. Not only that, she finds photos of her friends, neighbors, and colleagues hanging out with her hubby and his mistress. Yikes!

2. When Tae Oh insisted that “love isn’t a crime”

By “love” he means “I want to stay married to you and sleep with another woman, and I want you to be okay with this”. Tae Oh’s level of delusion and self-righteousness is mind-boggling. He genuinely believes he is in the right!

3. When Tae Oh had the audacity to be mad at Sun Woo for cheating on him

Okay, so a husband can cheat on his wife for years, and impregnate his mistress, but if she sleeps with his best friend one time just to make him understand her pain, she’s the bad guy? Wow. Double standards much?

4. When Sun Woo chose to follow Tae Oh instead of helping Hyun Seo

Sun Woo has come to Hyun Seo‘s rescue many times, but we still can’t quite forgive her for that time she blatantly ignored Hyun Seo’s suffering. While Sun Woo was following Tae Oh via car, Hyun Seo’s abusive boyfriend started messing with her in broad daylight. Instead of helping Hyun Seo, Sun Woo drove away in the hopes of catching Tae Oh red-handed. She didn’t even call the police.

5. When Tae Oh used his ailing mother to gaslight Sun Woo

Of all the underhanded tricks! When Tae Oh realized he was being tailed, he drove to his mother’s nursing home and pretended that he has been spending time there every day after work. Sun Woo felt incredibly bad about suspecting him, until she discovered he was lying.

6. When Tae Oh returned to Gosan with Da Kyung and their daughter as a rich and famous movie director

After cheating on his wife, mooching off her money, psychologically damaging his son, and destroying his old family, Tae Oh strikes gold. WTF?!

7. When Je Hyuk cheated on Ye Rim yet again

Just when you think Je Hyuk might maybe, possibly stop cheating on his wife, he does. For a whole five minutes. Je Hyuk later calls out Tae Oh for setting him up, but he has no one to blame but himself. Ye Rim deserves so much better.

8. Every single time Da Kyung manipulated Joon Young by acting like the voice of reason

Not only does Da Kyung not care about Joon Young, she repeatedly tries to play the “good mom” by making Sun Woo look like the bad guy. Excuse me, mistress. You can’t break up a kid’s family then expect him to be your bestie.

9. When Dr. Kim Yoon Ki was revealed to be Chairman Yeo’s mole

Yoon Ki, we were rooting for you! We were all rooting for you! Just when this warm-hearted doctor was starting to seem like Sun Woo’s knight in shining armor, it’s revealed that he earned her trust to conduct an assessment on her at Chairman Yeo‘s request.

This moment can be summed up in three words: how dare you! Yoon Ki tells Sun Woo he did it all for her sake, but can he be trusted?

10. Hyun Seo’s almost-escape

Nobody deserves a happy ending in this show more than In Kyu’s abused ex-girlfriend, Hyun Seo, but will she ever get one? Just when she’s finally about to escape In Kyu and start a new life, he tracks her down at the station.

11. Finding out that Tae Oh didn’t kill In Kyu

Admit it. You wanted Tae Oh to go to jail even if he didn’t kill In Kyu. He has so many other crimes he’s getting away with, including sending In Kyu to intimidate Sun Woo. Security footage reveals that Tae Oh arrived at the rooftop after Park In Kyu fell to his death, but who cares? Put him behind bars!

12. When Sun Woo saved Tae Oh by becoming his alibi

After Sun Woo was cleared from being a suspect in Park In Kyu’s death, she could have helped the police put Tae Oh behind bars. Instead, she uses Tae Oh’s lost wedding (entrusted to her by Hyun Seo) to protect him. She says she did it for their son’s sake, but do we really believe her?


In Episode 12, Tae Oh comes over to Sun Woo’s house uninvited (yet again) and accuses her of using their son as a shield to hide her true feelings. Obviously, she’s still madly in love with the man who destroyed their family and nearly beat her to death…right? Step off, lunatic. Just when you think Sun Woo is going to throw Tae Oh out of the house, this happens. WHAT?