20+ Interesting Facts About TWICE, As Revealed In A “Relay Q&A” Game

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TWICE recently played a game of “Relay Q&A” with online shopping platform Shopee, where they revealed interesting facts about themselves that fans might not know yet.

In no particular order, check out the questions and their corresponding answers below!

1. Who shops the most in TWICE?

Nayeon chose Momo as the member who shops the most in the group.

2. Shopping or eating?

Although Momo loves eating, she ultimately picked shopping.

3. Who likes to give gifts to the other members the most?

After some hesitation, Sana picked Mina.

4. What would you buy for TWICE?

Next, Mina chose “something delicious.”

5. Are you impulsive when shopping or do you take your time before shopping?

Dahyun doesn’t just take her time when she shops, she deliberates on the item long and hard!

I take a lot of time to decide. I think about it a lot.

— Dahyun

6. Who has the best fashion style among the members?

Chaeyoung thought about her answer for a moment before turning around and singling out Tzuyu.

7. Who purchases the weirdest and most unique items?

Just like how Chaeyoung chose Tzuyu, this time Tzuyu chose Chaeyoung.

8. Who likes to eat out in restaurants the most?

Jihyo picked Nayeon and Momo, although Nayeon seemed to disagree!

9. What is your favorite TWICE choreography?

Nayeon danced the point choreography of “Feel Special” to illustrate her answer.

10. Which TWICE member sleeps the most?

Without any hesitation, Momo picked herself.

11. TV shows or movies?

Sana cutely complained that her questions were “so difficult,” but she was still able to settle on movies.

12. Jajangmyeon or chicken?

It was a clear winner for Mina—chicken!

13. Who binge-watches the most in TWICE?

Dahyun picked herself, and her members all appeared to agree.

14. Hip hop or ballad?

As one of the rappers of the group, it isn’t surprising that Chaeyoung chose hip hop.

15. What is your favorite TWICE song?

“Feel Special” may be Nayeon’s favorite choreography, but it’s also Tzuyu’s favorite TWICE song in general.

16. Who is the best cook in TWICE?

Much to Nayeon’s complete and utter shock, Jihyo claimed that nobody in the group cooks well!

17. Are you introverted or extroverted?

Nayeon believes in her heart that she’s an extrovert, but the tests say otherwise.

I think I’m extroverted, but actually, I’m introverted!

— Nayeon

18. Sky diving or bungee jumping?

Momo knew instinctively that she doesn’t like either of them.

19. Which TWICE member sleeps the earliest?

To no one’s surprise, Sana picked Tzuyu.

20. Who laughs the most in TWICE?

Mina chose Nayeon, and Dahyun’s eyes hilariously widened in surprise!

21. Singing or dancing?

Finally, with high energy, Dahyun danced to show her answer.

Apart from playing the relay game, TWICE also sat down for an interview. Check out the hilarious moment Dahyun revealed she grew taller below!

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Source: YouTube