Here Are All The Best Moments From ISAC 2018 So Far

Shoe thievery, butt grabs, flash mobs…There’s always something interesting happening at ISAC.

Filming has officially begun for 2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships‘ Chuseok holiday special, which will air sometime in September. ISAC is an exciting, and controversial, sports competition where idols face off in events like wrestling, archery, and relay races. Many viewers look forward to the event’s behind the scenes moments just as much they look forward to the main event because it’s rare to have so many different idols together in one place. Here’s what everyone has been up to so far!


1. Being bored AF

ISAC is supposed to be fun, but Stray KidsHyunjin looks like he could really use a nap! His stay-awake roll might just be the next viral meme.

He wasn’t the only bored idol though.

Many idols,  including TWICE, were spotted taking naps.

Fans snapped these photos of many stars lazing around between events.

ISAC seems to involve just as much waiting around…

…as it does playing sports!


2. This butt grab

Here’s a new moment to add to your list of “TWICE and Red Velvet‘s greatest interactions“!


3. This awesome flash mob

At one point, TWICE and Stray Kids entertained their audience by dancing to TWICE’s “Dance the Night Away”. Now, who wants a collab?


4. Whatever this is


5. Cuddles galore

NCT‘s Jeno was spotted hugging/strangling Chenle on the field. Chenle didn’t look too crazy about getting all that love. In fact, he seemed like he couldn’t wait for the next event to start!

Hyunjin, on the other hand, didn’t mind getting pampered.


6. Eating food…


7. …and begging for food


8. This attempted shoe thievery


9. This adorably mismatched hug

Their height different made this hug ten times cuter!


10. This unofficial competition

TWICE kept themselves busy by playing their own games between official events!


11. This impromptu dance lesson

Stray Kids taught the TWICE members how to dance to their hit song “My Pace”.


12. This moment of panic

Be careful where you kick that ball, Lucas!


13. Taking a break and exercising at the same time


14. This balloon beat down

It’s a good thing that his only weapon was a balloon!


15. These off-field acrobatics


BONUS: EXO Sehun’s embarrassing case of mistaken identity is still one of the most hilariously awkward moments in ISAC history.