Here’s How Each Member Of ITZY Looks With And Without Bangs

Which style is your favorite?

Each member of ITZY has their own unique flair, but which style suits them best? Take a look at each member with and without bangs to see how their whole aura changes!

1. Yuna

Yuna can easily pull off a full set of bangs but looks just as good with absolutely none at all.

Her vibe without bangs is fresh and feminine.

It doesn’t matter what color her hair is, she rocks it!

Without bangs, a lot of attention goes to her smile.

However, with full bangs, her vibe instantly changes.

The first thing you notice about her face are her big doll-like eyes.

It brings out a unique side in her that’s a little more edgy!

She still has her signature cute charm that she just can’t shake.

2. Yeji

Yeji‘s stunning and sharp features look amazing with no hair in the way.

It can be any color…

…or any style! A sleek ponytail really shows off her features.

But did you ever know she also looks incredible in bangs? Check out her predebut pictures for proof!

In these edits created by fans, bangs give her a softer vibe.

| @jaezeul2/Twitter
| @jaezeul2/Twitter

We hope we can really see how she would look in bangs one day!

| @chaengieeeee/Twitter

3. Chaeryeong

Up until recently, Chaeryeong has sported a no-bangs look.

She also tried the polished ponytail…

…as well as a few curly tendrils.

Check out her cute curtain bangs!

For ITZY’s latest comeback “Not Shy,” she emerged with wispy bangs that totally shook fans.

She suits them so well!

4. Ryujin

Ryujin also typically shows her forehead, regardless of what hairstyle she has.

From cotton candy pink…

…to deep-sea blue…

…to some cool streaks, she’s never showed off some bangs.

These fan edits make it a little easier to imagine, though!

| @ryujinn_itzy/Instagram
| @ryujinn_itzy/Instagram

The results are in: She suits them flawlessly!

| @ryujinn_itzy/Instagram

5. Lia

Lia rocks her gorgeous, thick hair.

It works when she’s natural…

…or glammed up!

But how would she look with some bangs?

Maybe this fan edit will make it easier to picture.

| @itzy_menfess/Twitter

Even in her predebut days, she rocked a side bang!

| @itzyliaarchive/Twitter